Friday, July 3, 2015

60 Awesome Furniture Makeovers

Hey, y'all!  It's time for this week's edition of the Crafted Collective, and it's such a great one.  The theme of the week is awesome furniture makeovers, and, yes, my co-hosts and I have collected some TOTALLY awesome inspiration for your next furniture makeover.
60 Awesome Furniture Makeovers--Great inspiration for your next furniture makeover!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bible Journaling: A Creative Way to Study God's Word

Hey, y'all!  If you follow me on social media, you've probably noticed that I've fallen in love with a new kind of art: Bible Journaling.  I love being creative period, and being able to pair that with Bible study has really given me a new excitement about studying God's Word.  When I've posted some of my illustrated Bible pages on Facebook and Instagram, I've had some requests for me to share my process, so that's what today's post is all about.  I'm going to show you some of the pages I've done and walk you through my process from start to finish for one page.
Bible Journaling: A Creative Way to Study God's Word
Bible journaling has really made me work on my perfectionism.  As an English teacher and book lover, I have a huge respect for books, so I had my journaling Bible for a month before I ever did my first page.  First of all, I was scared that I would mess up.  Second of all, I was scared to mess up a book, and not just any book, a Bible.  After telling myself multiple times that this Bible was purchased solely for Bible journaling and that it's okay if I messed up, I hesitantly did my first page.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Etched Metal-Stamped Monogram Necklace

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Hey, y'all!  You probably know I'm from the South by now.  (I mean, the "y'all" at the beginning of every post should have given it away, am I right?) In the South, we have lots of loves: sunshine, fishing, sweet tea, country music, and, of course, monograms!  I don't know why we love monograms so much.  I mean, it's not like there's a flurry of people trying to steal our stuff and if it's monogrammed we can put that in the police report to get our goods back faster.  I guess for us monograms are synonymous with times in the past when people had good manners and Southern bells wouldn't be caught dead without their pearls.  This innate love of monograms makes me want to monogram pretty much everything, and when I have an occasion to create a gift to give someone, one of the first things I think of is a monogrammed gift.  When Mother's Day rolled around, I wanted to make my momma a unique gift, so since I love to give handmade jewelry as gifts, it's no surprise I decided to make her a monogrammed necklace: an Etched Metal Monogrammed Necklace.  I'm going to show you how to make your own.  Whether you're from the South or North, a necklace like this is sure to be a unique piece to add to your jewelry collection.
Etched Metal-Stamped Monogram Necklace
You can make your own Etched Metal Monogrammed Necklace using some basic metal stamping tools and skills, along with your Sizzix BIGkick machine and Vintaj blanks and dies.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

60 Summer Home Decor Ideas

Hey, y'all!  It's time for another edition of the Crafted Collective.  This week my co-hosts and I are sharing 60 Summer Home Decor Ideas, and, y'all, I have some awesome eye candy for you today!

60 Summer Home Decor Ideas--From kitchens to bedrooms, tons of ideas to spruce up your home for summer!

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Now onto the beautiful summer decor inspiration!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Domed & Embossed Metal Rose Earrings

Hey, y'all!  Being a blogger is a unique type of "job." No, I'm not a full-time blogger, but I do consider blogging to be a job because it's a lot of work.  I have this little piece of the internet because I like to share my creativity with others in hopes that I'll inspire someone else to be creative too.  

It's like when you try a really great restaurant for the first time and you feel like it's your duty as a friend to tell your best friend all about the place so that she can enjoy it too--I share my creative projects because creating things gives me so much joy and I want others to experience that joy.  Unfortunately, sometimes with blogging--especially if you're a small blogger like myself--it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like no one is listening.  

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Sizzix and asked to be part of their 2015 Design Team.  I was excited that Sizzix liked my work enough to want me to be a part of their team and excited about the possibility of sharing my creativity with more people.
Domed & Embossed Metal Rose Earrings
I happily accepted the position.  I'll still be blogging here at Pitter & Glink as I always do, but every month I'll be sharing a couple of projects on the Sizzix Blog.  Today I'm sharing these beautiful Domed Embossed Metal Earrings.  You can find the full tutorial on the Sizzix Blog.  

Before I end this post, I want to take a minute to say thank you to all of my loyal readers.  You are the reason why I haven't given up on blogging yet, the reason I keep working hard to come up with new projects and improve my photography.  And you are the reason why I have the confidence to share my creativity with more people on a bigger platform.  Thanks, y'all!  Hugs!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Free Hand-Lettered Patriotic Printable

Hey, y'all!  I have a few items on my summer to-do list, and one of those items is *almost* checked off already!  I signed up to take an e-course to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.  Yep, I finally decided that I would learn a big scary program like Illustrator, and guess what?  I finished my class Friday, and I practiced my new found skills (and my hand lettering) to create a fun free printable for y'all.
Free Hand-Lettered Patriotic Printable perfect for your Fourth of July decor!
After watching all the instructional videos, practicing with the program is really helping me learn.  Let's face it; with the technology, the best way to learn is to do.  So while it took me way longer than I'd like to admit to create this freebie for you, I am so very proud of it.  I am first and foremost a dreamer and not always a doer, so the fact that I dove head first into this class makes me a little more confident about acting on more of my dreams.
Free Hand-Lettered Patriotic Printable perfect for your Fourth of July decor!

You can download this 8 1/2" x 11" print {HERE}.  I hope you are able to use this printable featuring a few lines from our beloved Pledge of Allegiance for your Fourth of July decor or maybe even to decorate at your Independence Day Barbecue.  It's a great reminder of the freedoms we enjoy in America.  And for me, it's also a reminder to try new things and reach for my goals.  Happy July 4th!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Become a Better Photographer with the Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle

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     Hey, y'all!  If you've been following my blog for a while or if you've seen some of my earliest posts, I hope that you've noticed that my photography has gotten A LOT better since then.  One of the reasons for that is a few years ago I decided to learn how to better utilize my camera.  When I took my camera off Auto and started using the super-intimidating Manual mode, I noticed immediate improvement in my photos, and that was thanks to the knowledge I learned from Katie Evans's The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer.  

     I'm so excited to tell you today that The Key to Taking Pictures... is one of the ebooks in the The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Beginner's Edition) that launched today.  I don't normally write posts like this, but I really wanted y'all to know about this amazing photography resource that is being sold for such a huge discount this week.  It contains a huge assortment of ebooks and video training courses provided by professional, world-renowned photographers who are experts in teaching others – even complete beginners. You won’t need to switch up to a more expensive camera to make full use of the bundle (even if you have an iPhone), and you don’t need to neglect your family for weeks upon weeks of training!  You can find a list of everything included in the bundle {HERE}.

     There's even an ebook included--iPhone Only Photography by David Molnar--that will help you learn how to take better pictures with your camera phone--no fancy camera needed!  

     There’s even better news! Everything in the bundle has a combined total value of $555, but for this week only, The Ultimate Bundles Team is selling the entire bundle for just $37 – a discount of more than 90%! What’s more, they’re also throwing in a FREE copy of FX Photo Studio Pro software from MacPhun (which provides stunning filters and photography effects) worth $29.99!  (Y'all, just The Key to Taking Pictures... alone retails for  $39.95!)

     Click {HERE} to buy the The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Beginner’s Edition) for just $37.  This deal is only available for a week, so make sure to take advantage of it while there's still time.

  Happy picture taking!

***Pitter and Glink is an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate, which means that if you purchase a bundle through my link a small portion of that bundle's purchase price will help support my blog at no extra charge to you.  Thanks!***