Friday, April 17, 2015

The Crafted Collective: 60 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Hey, y'all!  It's Friday, so you know what that means, right?  It's time for another edition of the Crafted Collective!  Each Friday, myself and three of my blog friends share roundups centered around a specific theme.  
This week we're collectively sharing 60 DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts.

The Crafted Collective: 60 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Make sure you check out my co-hosts' teacher appreciation gift ideas too!
Kirsten: Sweet Tea & Saving Grace | Emily: The Benson Street | Kara: Happy Go Lucky
The Ladies of the Crafted Collective

Now on to the ideas...
Teacher Appreciation Tote Gift Idea from Balancing Home via Tatertots & Jello

 Stamped Spoon Teacher Appreciation Tea Set from Happy Hour Projects

 DIY Apple Mason Jar Tutorial from The 36th Avenue

 DIY Teacher's Gift Pencil Box from Dawn Nicole Blog

String Art Apple Chalkboard Frame from Pitter and Glink

 Refreshing Teacher Gift Printables from Strawberry Mommycakes via Capturing Joy

 Teacher Poem and Plant Gift Idea from The Crafting Chicks

 DIY Teacher Appreciation Memo Pads from 4 You with Love

Monogrammed Apple Teacher Gift from Pitter and Glink

Last Minute Teacher Gift from The Happy Scraps

I hope you found something to inspire you!  Make sure to check out 45 other teacher appreciation gift ideas from Sweet Tea & Saving Grace, The Benson Street, and Happy Go Lucky.
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Inexpensive Monogrammed Apple Teacher Gift Idea

Hey, y'all!  Today I have a quick, easy, inexpensive teacher gift idea that would be perfect for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.  Last week I shared 10 Teacher Gift Ideas from Teachers Themselves, and this gift actually covers two of those ideas.  I'm calling it my Monogrammed Apple Teacher Gift, and it's both a personalized AND useful gift.
Inexpensive Monogrammed Apple Teacher Gift Idea
  To begin the project, you need hand sanitizer.
Monogram dollar store hand sanitizer for the perfect teacher's gift.
 I bought the hand sanitizer I used from the dollar store.  You can get a large bottle for a dollar or three small bottles for a dollar if you want to really stretch your money.
Remove label residue with Goo Gone.
I peeled off the labels from the bottle and used Goo Gone to remove any residue left over.
A monogrammed apple Silhouette design.
Then I designed the monogrammed apple using my Silhouette program.  If you need an apple to use, you can download a free file I created {HERE}.  To create my monogram, I used a free monogram app on my phone and then emailed the monogram to myself.  I traced the monogram using my Silhouette program and centered it in the middle of the apple.  (In the screen shot above, I have filled all the pieces of the monogrammed apple with color.  I often do that when I'm going to cut a design with vinyl so that I can quickly decide what colors go well together.)  Group all the pieces together and then size the monogrammed apple to fit the hand sanitizer bottle you're using.
A monogrammed apple Silhouette design.
Then ungroup all the shapes.  You can cut each shape one at a time from vinyl, but I like to spread all the pieces out on the carrier sheet so I can cut once.  You can see what I mean below.
Monogrammed apple design cut with the Silhouette.
After the pieces of the design are cut, it's time to weed the vinyl.
Transfer vinyl pieces using clear contact paper for easy layering.
Tip: I don't have a weeding tool, so I often use a straight pin or the end of a craft knife to weed my designs.  Once the pieces are weeded, cut a piece of transfer tape or contact paper the size of the apple.  I used contact paper so that I can see my vinyl as I'm layering it.
Layered vinyl monogrammed apple.
Center the apple on the bottle and use contact paper to adhere it to the bottle.
Layered vinyl monogrammed apple.
Center the monogram on the apple and adhere it to the bottle.  Then add the stem and leaf.  Note: I used the same piece of contact paper to transfer all the pieces of my design.  Also, I hinged the contact paper when applying the monogram to make sure that I had the vinyl centered before adhering it to the apple.
Monogrammed Apple Teacher Gift--An inexpensive Silhouette project perfect for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.
And that's all there is to creating a cute, inexpensive, personalized teacher gift.  I'm not sure how much the small amount of vinyl I used cost because I didn't do the math, but I would guesstimate this gift costs less than $2 to make.  It's the perfect gift to show a teacher that you care without spending a lot of money.
Monogrammed Apple Teacher Gift--An inexpensive Silhouette project perfect for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.
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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Crafted Collective: 60 DIY Floral Projects

Hey, y'all!  It's time for the second edition of the Crafted Collective.  This week Kirsten from Sweet Tea and Saving Grace, Emily from The Benson Street, Kara from Happy Go Lucky and myself are each sharing 15 Floral Projects.  
Collectively, that's 60 DIY Floral Projects sure to inspire you!
The Crafted Collective: 60 DIY Floral Projects
If you've read my blog for a while, you probably already know that I just LOVE flowers, so I had a lot of fun finding projects for this round up.
It amazes me how many different gorgeous flowers can be crafted from paper.  These Tissue Paper Flowers from Atta Girl Says are sooooo pretty.
These Paper Roses from Tori Grant Designs can be made easily with your Silhouette.
And who knew you could make BEAUTIFUL flowers from paper plates?  These Paper Plate Flowers from Muslin and Merlot are unrecognizable from what they started life as.
This pretty DIY Floral Initial from The Hamby Home is such a pretty way to welcome visitors to your home, and the best thing about this project is that the flowers and foam for the wreath came from the dollar store!
If you want a more sophisticated wreath for your front door, this Spring Rosebud Wreath from Ash and Crafts is stunning.  Believe it or not, those are not real flowers!
This Embroidered Portrait with Felt Flowers from Do Small Things with Love is such a simple, pretty project that would look great on a gallery wall or in a little girl's room.
Another piece of floral art that I love is this DIY Foam Laurel Wall Decor from Lolly Jane.  The little felt flower on the edge of the art seriously just makes this piece!
Another piece that wouldn't be half as fab without a flower is this DIY Sharpie-Decorated Ring Dish that I made last year.
If crafting isn't top on your list but throwing dinner parties is, check out this Customizable Watercolor Printable Menu from Craftberry Bush for a quick and easy way to make your own floral menu.
This floral project is as simple as clicking a few buttons on your computer and is a great way to spruce up your desktop for spring.  It's Cleo and Clementine's Free "Bloom Where You Are Planted" Desktop Wallpaper.
Floral Projects don't necessarily have to actually have flowers on them.  These Sparkling Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs from Boulder Locavore smell like flowers!
Sure, you can decorate with flowers and even smell like flowers, but wearing them is fun too!  I love a good floral print shirt or dress.  Floral accessories are great too like this Floral Leather Barrette from Happy Hour Projects.
Or this Vintage Handkerchief Necklace from Flamingo Toes.
Or if you can crochet, this Crochet Flower Bracelet from Petals to Picots is really pretty.
And while you're crocheting, you can make this Crochet Flower Bouquet from Repeat Crafter Me.  Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself.
The Crafted Collective: 60 DIY Floral Projects
Make sure to check out the 45 other floral projects from Kirsten at Sweet Tea and Saving Grace, Kara at Happy Go Lucky, and Emily at The Benson Street.
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