Monday, July 16, 2018

DIY Rainbow Quote Shirt + Free Cut File

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Hey, y'all!  Today I am teaming up with Expressions Vinyl to show you how to make a bright, fun hand-lettered rainbow quote shirt using heat transfer vinyl and your Silhouette Cameo or Cricut. And, y'all, we're not just using regular HTV.  We're using fluorescent HTV!  This bright heat transfer vinyl just screams rainbow, so what better to use to create a rainbow quote shirt?  As usual, I'm giving you the FREE hand-lettered cut file a little later in the post so that you can create your own rainbow shirt.
DIY Rainbow Quote Shirt
Have you ever heard the term "rainbow baby"?  It's the name given to a baby born after a miscarriage or infant loss because that baby is the rainbow after the storm.  If you follow me on social media, you know that my husband and I welcomed a baby boy into our home in October through adoption.  He's our rainbow baby, so when I knew I was going to create something with fluorescent heat transfer vinyl, I thought what better thing to make than a t-shirt for my rainbow baby.  I love that the quote can apply to rainbow babies or just be a source of encouragement to anyone going through a hard time.  Let me show you how to make one of these shirts yourself.
Rainbow Shirt Supplies
First of all, you'll need a few supplies.  I'm going to link to the supplies using affiliate links.  This is just a fancy way of saying that if you decide to purchase something using one of my links, a small part of the purchase price will go toward supporting my blog at no extra charge to you.  (Thanks!)
Hand Lettered Rainbow Quote
First, you'll need to download the FREE hand-lettered rainbow cut file.
Click here to download the FREE SVG cut file.
Click here to download the FREE Silhouette Studio file.
Please note that all freebies shared on Pitter & Glink are for personal use only.
Mirror Designs for HTV
This tutorial pertains to the Silhouette Studio file.  (If you choose to use the SVG file, you will need to create an offset of the design.)  So once you open the file in Silhouette studio, open the replicate tool and mirror your design since you're going to be cutting heat transfer vinyl.
Ungrouping Layered Cut File
After you mirror the design, ungroup it and move the colorful layer of the design off of the page so that you're only left with the black part of the design (the offset).  It's not necessary, but I always put a box around my design before cutting so that I won't waste HTV.  (This is called a weeding box.)
Cutting in Silhouette Studio
Next use your Cameo to cut the design from heat transfer vinyl.  Use the settings for EasyWeed HTV from the Expressions Vinyl website and always do a test cut first.
Mirrored Rainbow Quote
Once you've cut the offset, it's time to cut the rainbow letters.  Ungroup the rainbow part of the design.  Arrange letters, words and shapes together that are the same color.  Use your Cameo to cut each color from its corresponding fluorescent HTV.  (I cut "storm" from holographic vinyl because I didn't have any fluorescent blue.)  And, yes, I HIGHLY suggest using fluorescent HTV because the colors are sooooo bright!  We're talking NEON, and they just scream rainbow to me.
Weeding Heat Transfer Vinyl
Once all your vinyl is cut, it's time to weed the designs, which is really easy when using EasyWeed vinyl.  I love to use a weeding tool for this because it makes removing all the tiny little pieces of vinyl from around your design a breeze.
Ironing HTV
Once your designs are weeded, it's time to iron them on.  First, iron the black offset part of the design on your tee.  Refer to the heat settings chart on the Expressions Vinyl website for this step.
Ironing HTV Layers
Then it's time to add the rainbow of colors to this rainbow design!  Carefully layer all the colorful vinyl on top of the black offset.  Then iron it on.  It's helpful to have some multi-use paper for this step to cover parts of the design that need protecting while you're ironing other sections.
DIY Rainbow Quote T-shirt
And that's how you create a colorful, rainbow quote shirt.
DIY Colorful Rainbow T-shirt
I can't wait for our little rainbow baby to wear this shirt!
DIY Rainbow Quote T-shirt
I love that this design can also just be an encouraging message to anyone having a hard time.  So if you have a friend who is struggling through some storms, whip up a shirt, tote bag or mug with this design to encourage him or her.  And don't forget to check out Expressions Vinyl for all your adhesive and heat transfer vinyl needs!  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all their latest deals.  Happy crafting!
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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Mermaid in the USA Cut File for the Fourth

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Hey, y'all!  I wouldn't normally post on a Saturday, but I have a fun FREE hand-lettered cut file that I just couldn't wait to share with you.  I always love to make a unique shirt for the Fourth of July, so this year when I was searching for inspiration, I saw the phrase "Mermaid in the USA" in a few places.  I knew I had to hand-letter the phrase and create my own patriotic shirt for Independence Day.  And as usual, I'm sharing the cut file with you today so that you can make your own.
Hand-Lettered Mermaid in the USA Tank
Mermaids are pretty popular these days, and I loved the excuse to draw a mermaid tail!  I think the design turned out really cute!
Download the FREE hand-lettered SVG file here.
Download the FREE Silhouette Studio cut file here.
The Silhouette file will say "no preview available" when you click on the above link, but you can still download the file by clicking the blue box with the arrow on it.
*Please note that all designs shared at Pitter & Glink are for personal use only.*
DIY Fourth of July Tank
Once I created my design, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut red glitter HTV, gold metallic HTV, and blue holographic HTV from Expressions Vinyl for my design.  I love the combination of the glitter and foil-y goodness!  I ironed the designs on a cute tank from Target.  I can't wait to wear my shirt to celebrate for the Fourth!  Do you make yourself or your children shirts for holidays too?
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Personalize a Beach Chair with Vinyl + Free Cut File

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Hey, y'all!  I'm so excited about today's post!  Do you ever make something and get super happy because it turns out even better than you imagined?  That's what happened with the project I'm sharing with you today.  My friends at Expressions Vinyl gave me the challenge to create a project based on the idea of Summer Fun.  Summer always make me think of the beach, so I decided to try to personalize a beach chair with vinyl, and, y'all, it worked!  Today I'm showing you how to do it, and, as usual, I'm sharing the FREE hand-lettered cut file with you so that you can create your own.
Personalized Beach Chair
 To make this project even more fun, I used fluorescent vinyl in a rainbow of colors, and I threw in some glitter vinyl because, well, GLITTER.  I feel like this chair just screams SUMMER!  And other than trying to iron a chair (which is a bit awkward to say the least), this project was really easy.  Let me show you how I did it.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Free Hand-Lettered Water Bottle Cut File

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Hey, y'all!  Last week on Instagram I shared a picture of my new water bottle that I dressed up with some vinyl and a hand-lettered cut file.  I did a poll to find out if anyone would want me to share the cut file I created here on the blog, and the answer was an overwhelming yes.  So that's what I'm doing today!
Free Hand-Lettered Water Bottle Cut File
 I want to start drinking more water; that's why I bought myself a new water bottle.  I figured I'd be more willing to drink water if my water bottle was cute, so I designed a little something on my iPad Pro.  I converted the design to an SVG to use with my Silhouette Cameo.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Free Hand-Lettered "Cup of Ambition" Mug Cut File

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Hey, y'all!  I'm popping in today to give y'all a fun freebie!  I am a fan of Dolly Parton.  I have been since I was a little girl and my grandmother would visit Dollywood and bring me back postcards with pictures of Dolly on them.  I kept them in an album, which I still have to this day.  I wanted to put a design on a plain mug this week, and a quick Pinterest search inspired me to create a Dolly-inspired mug.

Monday, April 23, 2018

DIY Baby Monthly Chalkboard + Free Cut File

This post is sponsored by Expressions Vinyl and contains affiliate links.
Hey, y'all!  I am so excited to be bringing y'all a brand new project today!  If you follow me on social media, you probably know that in October, my husband and I adopted a sweet little baby boy, and I have quickly learned that photos of my little man are pretty much my favorite thing in the world.  My love of taking pictures of my sweet boy inspired today's project, which is the perfect baby shower gift!  I'm showing you how to make a DIY Baby Monthly Chalkboard Photo Prop.  You can make this project VERY quickly by using chalkboard vinyl from Expressions Vinyl so that you don't have to wait for chalkboard paint to dry and cure.  Of course, I'm showing you the whole quick and easy process, and I'm sharing the FREE hand-lettered cut file with you so that you can make your own.
DIY Baby Month Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop
I love that you can personalize this project by using different size frames and different color vinyl, and you can even embellish the frame with flowers or a tiny pennant banner.  Let me show you how easy it is to make.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

DIY Hand Lettered Snow Days Tee + Free Cut File

Today's post is sponsored by Expressions Vinyl and contains affiliate links.  Thanks for supporting Pitter & Glink!
Hey, y'all!  It's almost Christmas!!!  I seriously cannot believe that the Christmas holiday is upon us.  I would say that I've been dreaming of a white Christmas, but I live in South Carolina, and normally I can't even wear a sweater on Christmas without, well, sweating.  But when we do get a snow day in January or February, it is GLORIOUS!  With that thought in mind, I created a brand new hand-lettered design that I put on a tee.  Today I've teamed up with Expressions Vinyl to bring you the tutorial, and, of course, I'm sharing the FREE cut file with you so that you can make your own.
DIY Hand-Lettered Snow Days Tee + Free Cut File
As a teacher, there's nothing like waking up to a pre-recorded message that school has been cancelled due to SNOW!  And, yes, it is true that everything shuts down in the South if we get even an inch of snow, so it's so fun to snuggle beside a fire inside and watch those lovely white flakes fall outside and make everything beautiful.  As you can tell, snow days are my favorite, so I thought it would be fun to have a t-shirt to celebrate that.  If you're like me and love snow days, you can make yourself a tee in no time following the tutorial below.  Let's get started!