Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marbled Polymer Clay Statement Ring

Hey, y'all!  As promised last week, today I'm sharing another polymer clay jewelry tutorial with you. Last week when I was playing with my clay, I ended up mixing some colors and creating a fun marbled clay that I used with some molds to create a pretty statement ring.  I'm calling it my Marbled Clay Statement Ring.
Marbled Statement Ring--Make this pretty ring using polymer clay! www.pitterandglink.com
 To create your own ring, you'll need the following supplies:
  • Polymer Clay (several different shades)
  • Clay Mold (I used a Mod Melt Mold)
  • Clay Knife
  • Clay Glaze
  • Paint Brush
  • Super Glue or E6000
  • Ring Blank
  • Oven Safe Dish for Baking
  • Oven

Marbled Clay Supplies www.pitterandglink.com
I have a huge pack of polymer clay that I bought a bajillion years ago.  Whenever the mood strikes, I pull it out to get my craft on.  To begin creating my ring, I selected a few different clays from the same color family.  I also pulled out my one of my Mod Melt molds.  Mold Melt molds are great for clay because they're rubber, and you can easily remove your clay from the mold without messing it up.
How To Marble Clay--Step One www.pitterandglink.com
I used my clay knife to cut a bit of polymer clay from each block.  I cut the most clay from the emerald block and added little bits of the different colors on top of it.  I rolled all the clay up into a tube.
How To Marble Clay--Step Two www.pitterandglink.com
I then rolled the tube into a clay snake.
How To Marble Clay--Step Three www.pitterandglink.com
I cut the snake into a few different pieces and stuck them together.
How To Marble Clay--Step Four www.pitterandglink.com
I then held the clay perpendicular to my hand, smooshed it down flat and kneaded it until I got a pretty marbled consistency.  (Please note that this is not an exact science, and it's supposed to be fun, so mix your clay anyway you'd like.)
How to Make a Marbled Polymer Clay Gem--Use a Mod Melt Mold! pitterandglink.com
Once my clay was sufficiently marbled, I put the side with the prettiest marbling face down into my mold and smooshed the clay into the mold to make sure that it filled all parts of the mold.
How to Make a Marbled Polymer Clay Gem www.pitterandglink.com
I carefully removed the clay from the mold by peeling the mold away from the clay.  (If you try to dig the clay out of the mold, you'll mess it up.)  I had a little excess clay around the clay gem, so I cut it off with my clay knife and smoothed the edges of the clay with my finger.  Because I hate to waste clay, I used my excess clay (not pictured) to create a few more gems.  I then put them on a glass dish that I have designated my "polymer clay baking dish" and baked them in the oven according the clay package directions.
Glaze polymer clay gems for extra shine.  www.pitterandglink.com
Once the clay gems were cooled, I used a paint brush to apply a couple of coats of Sculpey glaze to them to give them a little shine.  I had to let them dry for 24 hours after I applied the glaze.  The it was time to make some jewelry!
Add a ring bank to a polymer clay gem to create a statement ring. pitterandglink.com
To make the statement ring, I simply used super glue to attach a ring blank to the back of my clay gem.  I let the glue dry for about a day.  (You could definitely use E6000 for this project, but that glue has so many warnings on it, I'm scared to use it much.)
Marbled Statement Ring--Would you believe this was made with polymer clay?! pitterandglink.com
Isn't my new statement ring fun?!
A Trendy Marbled Polymer Clay Statement Ring www.pitterandglink.com
It's big and chunky and full of marbled goodness!  And guess what?  I even made myself a pair of matching earrings using the pearl-shaped gems, super glue, and earring posts.
Marbled Polymer Clay Earrings--These dainty earrings are easy to make! pitterandglink.com
Now do you want to play with polymer clay too?  Buy yourself some (or take out the clay that you haven't used in forever) and make yourself some pretty jewelry.  If you do, please share it with me via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  I'd love to see your creations!
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  1. This is fabulous Bethany and so creative of you, TFS!!! What's next, LOL!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love it. Plus I love your faux agate earrings. Thank you for sharing at Motivational Monday Link Party! I would love to have you again Sunday night. Have a great weekend!

    Love Bethany from The Southern Couture

  3. I LOVE this! Such a gorgeous color, and the marble effect is totally perfect. I'm featuring it at Motivational Monday this weekend! :)

  4. What an awesome ring! I love it. The marbled look with those colors is gorgeous. Great job and thank you for sharing. PINNED!

  5. Hi, Bethany! Love it so much - the faceted stone look and giant size are so up my alley. Beautiful post!


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