Thursday, February 19, 2015

DIY Pink & Gold Polymer Clay Earrings

Hey, y'all!  I have been wanting to play with polymer clay again ever since I made my Faux Agate Polymer Clay Earrings.  Since I had a day off this week (well, actually two days because of bad weather), my wishes came true, and I made a few new pieces of polymer clay jewelry.  I want to share one of them with you today.  I made some new polymer clay earrings, and they're SO Pitter & Glink!  :)
To make these earrings, I used the following supplies:
  • Polymer Clay: Neon Pink, Pearl Pink, and Gold
  • Clay Circle Cutter
  • Craft Knife
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Clay Glaze
  • Jump Rings: 8 in total
  • Earring Hooks
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Baking Dish
  • Oven
Begin by mixing some of the pink clays together to create a subtle marble look.  I mixed enough to create a quarter-sized ball.
Cut perfect polymer clay circles with a circle cutter.
Knead the clay and roll it flat.  (I used my craft knife as a rolling pin.)  Then use your circle cutter to, of course, cut a circle from the clay.
Use glass glitter on polymer clay before you bake it.
Repeat the process with the gold clay.  I put glass glitter in my clay, but I soon realized that was a bit unnecessary.  It worked best to carefully smoosh the glitter into the flattened clay.  You live and learn, right?
Bake your polymer clay circles according to the package directions.
Once you have a pink and gold circle, cut each circle in half carefully with your craft knife.  Then use  something like a toothpick, paintbrush end, or small nail to put holes in each circle half as you see in the pic above.  You need to put an extra hole on the edge of each pink circle half as seen in the pic above as well.  Then bake your clay according to the package directions.
Use sparkle Mod Podge and glitter to give your earrings extra glitz.
After I removed the clay from the oven and let it cool, I decided that my gold clay wasn't glittery enough.  I added more glitter using sparkle Mod Podge.
After the Mod Podge dried, I used a brush to apply glaze over all my clay pieces.

Once I let the glaze dry for 24 hours (yep, that's how long the instructions say to let it dry), I put my earrings together using my jewelry pliers, jump rings, and earrings hooks.
The earrings turned out cute!
I'm sure they're not for everyone because they are pink and glittery, but I like them.
DIY Pink & Gold Glitzy Polymer Clay Earrings
If pink and glitter is not your style, you could always make a gold and white pair or any other combination your heart desires.  I can't wait to show you the other polymer clay jewelry I made, so stay tuned for more next week.
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  1. Oh geez! Here you go again with your adorable jewelry. I am so jealous! LOL! Love the color scheme!

  2. Oh my cuteness... I love them! Would you mind to link them up to our party? I would love to feature you!

  3. Pink and Gold, what else does a girl need??? :)

  4. Love how these turned out! Pinned it. =0)

  5. These earring are AWESOME!!! We featured them at The Project Stash! :D


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