Saturday, October 29, 2011

Clemson Jack O'Lantern

I've been MIA for a while because school has had me super busy the past two weeks.  But I was able to get a lot done today.  I have some neat projects to share with you soon, but I wanted to share this project with you first since Halloween is Monday.

My husband and I have gotten a pumpkin the past few years and carved a tiger paw in it.  This year after seeing the fake, carve-able pumpkins in the craft stores and in blog land, I decided we would try to carve a fake pumpkin. 

First, I bought a fake pumpkin at Michaels.  (It was 50% off!)  I spray painted the front of the pumpkin purple and painted over the spray paint with purple glitter.  I used my Silhouette and re-positional vinyl to create a tiger paw.  My husband used a craft knife to carve the design into the pumpkin.  (He had to be extra careful when he carved around the skinny, mini pieces!)  I popped some dollar store LED tea lights in the pumpkin, and then we admired our handy work! 

I love that I can keep this and use it again next year.  And every year I can can come up with a new design to create a Clemson Tiger jack o'lantern collection.  Go Tigers! :)


  1. Hi, Bethany

    I love your pumpkin. It looks great! By the way, I have been MIA all last week too, because my little girl was sick, but I wanted to tell you I received the Hope sign and I just love it. Thank you so much and ever time I look at it I'll think of you. Thank you again. Have a great week.


  2. What a terrific looking. The technique you used on the pumpkin is fabulous. Thank you so much for playing along with Speedy the Cat's Challenge this week. It is a joy to visit and see what you made for us.

  3. Carve the designs in to pumpkin.It look so different and wonderful.I really impress by this different designs.

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