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Make This Easy DIY Nursery Art from a Cabinet Door

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Hey, y'all!  I have such a fun post to share with y'all today!  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know that my husband and I are in the process of adopting a child.  After years of struggling with infertility, we are SO excited to finally be growing our family in the very near future.  We don't know if our future child will be a boy or a girl, so I've been keeping myself from doing too much nursery decorating.  This month I have teamed up with Expressions Vinyl to share a post with y'all with the theme "On the Wall," and I thought this was the perfect excuse to create some art for my bare nursery walls.  I created a fun cut file featuring part of a Bible verse, and I used it to create some neutral nursery art.  As usual, I'm sharing the free cut file with you at the end of the post so that you can make your own!
Make This Easy Nursery Art from a Cabinet Door
 Part of what makes this art so easy to create is that it's made from an unfinished cabinet door.  Yep, my local Habitat Restore had some inexpensive unfinished oak cabinet doors for sale a while back, and they were the perfect size for art, so I purchased a few.  I just had to stain the door, paint the inside panel and add some vinyl to complete my nursery art.  I'm sure you'd like the full tutorial though, so here we go!

Step One: Stain the unfinished wood.

Whether you're using a cabinet door like me or a piece of wood with a handmade frame, you'll need to stain the wood.  I used the color Special Walnut from Minwax.  It's my favorite dark stain.

Step Two: Paint the background of the sign.

Once the stain is dry, use painters tape to tape off the inside panel of the cabinet door.  I used a white paint I had on hand, but of course you could use any paint in any color you'd like.
To keep your finish smooth, you may want to use a fine grit sandpaper (220 grit) in between coats.

Step Three: While the paint is drying, use your Silhouette Cameo to cut a vinyl decal for your sign.

You'll need the free Psalm 139:14 cut file I created for you.
Free Psalm 139:14 Cut File from
Open the file and size the design to fit your art.  Load vinyl into your Cameo and cut the design.  For this project, I used Series 31 Removable Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.
Free Psalm 139:14 Cut File from

Step Four: Using a weeding tool, remove the excess vinyl from your design.

Applying a vinyl decal to a cabinet door to create art.

Step Five: Apply the vinyl design to your sign using transfer tape.

Cover the design with transfer tape.  Center the design on your sign.  A sewing gauge is great for this! Once the design is centered, secure it using painters tape.  Peel half of the design from the paper backing and cut the backing off.  Use a vinyl application tool to smooth the design onto the wood.  Repeat with the other side.  Remove the transfer tape.
Easy DIY Nursery Art | Create inexpensive nursery art from a cabinet door
 You can seal the art with a sealer if you'd like, or you can leave it as is.  I haven't sealed my art yet because I may end up adding some color to it later.
Easy DIY Nursery Art | Create inexpensive nursery art from a cabinet door
I put the art in the crib--I still can't believe there's a crib in my house!--to snap a picture, and it's just so cute!!!
Easy DIY Nursery Art | Create inexpensive nursery art from a cabinet door
I had so much fun creating this art, and I can't wait to hang it in my nursery.  I want to create more decor for the nursery, and, of course, I'll be creating some personalized onesies too.  Creating home decor and unique clothing is so easy with my Cameo and vinyl from Expressions Vinyl!  Make sure to check out Expressions Vinyl the next time you need vinyl for a project, and be sure to follow them on social media for project inspiration and special deals!
Happy crafting!
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