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Handmade Tasseled Tag Bookmark

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Hey, y'all!  Happy 2016!  Sorry that I dropped off the face of the earth for a bit there.  I was simply enjoying my winter break, and then when school started back, I had lots of papers to grade before the end of the nine weeks.  But I'm back today and ready to share a great tutorial with you.  Y'all know that I ADORE Bible journaling.  What you don't know is that sometimes I use my Sizzix BIGkick and various dies to help me illustrate some of my entries.  Recently, I decided that I wanted to create a tasseled bookmark for my journaling Bible, so I used some scrapbook paper, yarn, and some of my Sizzix supplies to create a lovely Handmade Tasseled Tag Bookmark.
Handmade Tasseled Tag Bookmark--A DIY bookmark perfect for your journaling Bible!
I love the sentiment on this tag: "Seek Him with your Whole Heart."  It comes from the beginning of Psalms 119, and it perfectly captures what I attempt to do when I'm Bible journaling: seek God with my whole heart.
Supplies needed to make a Tasseled Tag Bookmark |
When you create your own tag, you can use as many or as few supplies as you'd like.  I used quite a few supplies because I was going for a bit of a mixed media look.  I'm going to list what I used below, and I'll link some some of the products.  The links used are affiliate links.  That simply means that if you decide to purchase something using one of the links, a portion of the purchase price will go toward helping support my blog at no extra charge to you.  (Thanks!)
Cutting tags and paper embellishments using the Sizzix BIGkick and dies from Tim Holtz.
The first step to creating a tasseled tag bookmark is creating the tag and circular label.  I used my BIGkick, Extended Mutli-Use Platform, and a pair of Standard Size Cutting Pads, along with two different set of Tim Holtz Dies, to cut scrapbook paper.  To cut paper using the Thinlits Label Die, I a put one of the cutting pads on top of the platform.  I placed the Thinlit, then the scrapbook paper, and then the other cutting pad on top of that to finish my Sizzix sandwich.  Then I rolled the sandwich through my BIGkick.  To use the Framelit Tag Die, I made another Sizzix sandwich, except this time I switched the order of the scrapbook paper and the die, and rolled it though my BIGkick.  I used a cotton applicator to rub a bit of distress ink around the edges of the round label to add a bit of dimension.
Paper letters cut using the Sizzix BIGkick and dies are perfect to have on hand for crafting and Bible journaling!
Then I cut my letters.  I LOVE using these scrapbook paper letters in different projects!  (That's why I have a storage container with sections devoted to each letter of the alphabet so that I always have scrapbook letters on hand when I'm illustrating my Bible or crafting on other projects!)  I have several different letter dies, but my two current favorites are the Block Talk Capital Letters Alphabet and the Vintage Market Alphabet.  Using these dies are so easy, and you get the entire alphabet and a set of numbers with each cut.  To use the Block Talk Capital Letters Die, all you need is your BIGkick and a pair of Extended Size Cutting Pads.  Place the die on top of one of the cutting pads and place a piece of scrapbook paper on top of that, making sure to put the printed side of the paper face down.  Put the other cutting pad on top of that and roll it through your BIGkick.  To use the Vintage Market Sizzlits Die, you need a pair of Decorative Strip Cutting Pads.  You repeat the same Sizzix sandwich that you made for the Block Talk Die, but this sandwich needs to go on top of your Extended Multi-Use Platform.  Roll it through your BIGkick, and you'll have another set of letters.
Creating a Handmade Tasseled Tag Bookmark |
Once all your pieces are cut, glue the letters down.  I added some hand lettering to my tag, along with a couple of stickers.  Then to make my letters pop, I outlined them with a pen.
Creating a Handmade Tasseled Tag Bookmark |
I have been dying to use my sewing machine on a paper, so I found some pretty lace that I had in my craft stash, and I sewed that, along with a heart I punched from a watercolor paper scrap I had, onto the tag.  To complete my tag bookmark, I made a tassel from some colorful yarn and baker's twine.  (Check out THIS POST to learn how to make a tassel.)
Create a Handmade Tasseled Tag Bookmark for your journaling Bible |
I love my new Tasseled Tag Bookmark!  It has almost all my favorite things: pink, hand lettering, watercolor, flowers, and a tassel!  (It's just missing glitter, but I don't really want that all over my Bible, so I'll refrain from adding any.)
Create a Handmade, Inspirational Tasseled Tag Bookmark for your journaling Bible |
The words on the bookmark are such a great reminder of why I journal in my Bible.
Create a Handmade, Inspirational Tasseled Tag Bookmark for your journaling Bible |
And I just love that when I close up the tag in my Bible, I have a fun tassel hanging out of the top of it.  (I have a weird obsession with having tassels and fabric and tabs popping out from the edges of my Bible.)  I love that you could create one of these using any quote and any color combo, and you could use one in a regular book or even in your planner.  The possibilities are endless!

After you're finished up here, head over to the Sizzix Blog to check out my latest tutorial over there.  I'm showing you how to make a DIY Traveling Earring Holder.
DIY Traveling Earring Holder |
It was great hanging out with y'all today because I missed you during my little break!  Happy New Year and happy crafting!
As a member of the Sizzix Design Team, I receive certain products free of charge in order to share tutorials and project inspiration with my followers.  My designs and opinions are all my own.

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    Thanks for the steps how to make this beautiful book mark.

  3. Thank you for explaining. I to have a Big Kick. I like the variety of materials you used in your Mixed Mesia.


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