Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Free Printable Hand-Lettered Stocking Coloring Page

Hey, y'all!  I am officially on Christmas vacation, and I couldn't be happier!  I always have grand plans and lots of ideas for Christmas-themed posts for the blog, and then I never have time to execute all those ideas.  It makes me sad, but I'm starting to learn that it's okay to slow down (if possible) during the holidays and soak in the spirit of Christmas.  And you know what?  I LOVE my blog, but it's a fun hobby, and if it stresses me out and it's not fun anymore, I shouldn't be doing it.  My point is that I'm sorry if I didn't share as much Christmas inspiration as you would expect from me, but I know y'all understand the hustle and bustle of the holidays too.  Anyway, today I want to share a quick free printable coloring page with y'all.  It's a perfect boredom-buster for kids.
Free Printable Hand-Lettered Stocking Coloring Page | www.pitterandglink.com
I hand-lettered this fun stocking for my DIY Hand-Lettered Stocking Tee that I shared last week.  I knew when I imported my design into Illustrator that it would be a perfect coloring page too, so I tweaked it a bit, and here it is!
Free Printable Hand-Lettered Stocking Coloring Page | www.pitterandglink.com
You can download your copy of the free coloring page below.
FREE Hand-Lettered Stocking Coloring Page
Remember that all the freebies I share here are for personal use only, and if you choose to download one of them, I would love if you'd follow my blog in some way.  (You don't have to, but it would sure make my day!)
Free Printable Hand-Lettered Stocking Coloring Page--Download your copy today to color while you wait for Santa! | www.pitterandglink.com
Print a few of these for yourself or your littles to keep busy while you wait for Santa to come, or for dinner to finish cooking, or family to arrive.
If I don't "see" you again before the big day, I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas full of love and laughter!  Christmas hugs!!!
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