Monday, November 2, 2015

Free Hand-Painted Watercolor iPhone Wallpapers & Hand-Lettered Lock Screen

Hey, y'all!  I have a really fun freebie for you today!  Recently when I was working on watercolor backgrounds for my Bible Journaling Cards that I shared with a you a few weeks back, my friend Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects suggested that I make the watercolor backgrounds into iPhone wallpapers.  I thought that was a great idea, so today I'm sharing those wallpaper with you, plus a free hand-lettered lock screen.
Free Hand-Painted Watercolor iPhone Wallpaper.
These iPhone wallpapers are sized to fit the iPhone 6, but you can use them on other iPhone models.  
Free Hand-Painted Watercolor Roses iPhone Wallpaper.
iPhone image courtesy of Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects.
I currently have the Watercolor Roses set as my wallpaper.
Free Hand-Lettered "Grace Upon Grace" iPhone Lock Screen Featuring Hand-Painted Watercolor Roses.
And I'm using the hand-lettered lock screen too.  I love that every time I check my phone for the time or notifications I'm reminded that God has given and continues to give me grace up grace.

If roses aren't your style, there are several other hand-painted wallpapers to choose from.  Download your favorite below.

To set an image as your iPhone wallpaper or lock screen, simply view this post from your phone and download the image to your photo roll.  Then follow the normal steps you use to set an image as your wallpaper.  (If you have trouble saving the image to your phone, you can always download the image to your computer, email it to yourself, and then save it to your camera roll that way.)
Free Hand-Painted Watercolor iPhone Wallpapers & Hand-Lettered Lock Screen.
I hope you enjoy these freebies.  If you do, I'd love if you'd consider sharing the post via social media or pinning an image to Pinterest.  Have a great day!
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