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Embossed Metal Squirrel Fall Charm Bracelet

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Hey, y'all!  It has finally started to feel a little like fall here in the South.  The leaves are changing, and it's even getting a little cooler.  This weather change inspired my latest jewelry project: an Embossed Metal Squirrel Fall Charm Bracelet.
Embossed Metal Squirrel Fall Charm Bracelet.
We don't get much of a fall here in the South.  It often goes from sweltering hot to cold, but when we do get a day that feels like fall, I enjoy it so much!  This bracelet is an homage to those beautiful, enjoyable days.  I love the maple leaf and acorn, and the squirrel is just too cute!  I made this super-easy jewelry project in no time using my Sizzix BIGkick and Vintaj metal dies and blanks.
Supplies to Make an Embossed Metal Squirrel Fall Charm Bracelet.
I used a few other supplies as well, and I'll list them below, along with some affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase something using one of my affiliate links, a small portion of the product's price will go toward supporting my blog at no extra charge to you.  (Thanks!)
Embossing metal blanks with the Sizzix BIGkick.
The first step to making the bracelet is creating the fun squirrel charm.  To do this, I placed a metal blank inside of my embossing folder over the part of the design I wanted embossed on my blank.  I then closed the folder and placed it inside a pair of standard size cutting pads.  I placed that "Sizzix sandwich" on top of the solo platform and shim and rolled it through my Sizzix Vintaj BIGkick.  I actually embossed two separate blanks so that I could decide with part of the design I liked best for my bracelet.
Coloring metal blanks with Vintaj Patina.
Once the blanks were embossed, I painted them on both sides with Ranger Patina in Topaz.
Making embossed designs pop using the Vintaj metal reliefing block.
Then I used the Metal Reliefing Block to remove the patina from the raised portions of the blanks.
Doming metal blanks with a wooden dapping block.
I then decided that I wanted my charm to be domed to add a little more interest to my charm.  To do so, I simply placed my blank face down inside one of the indentations of my wooden doming block and used a nylon hammer to tap the wooden punch on the back of the charm.
An Embossed Metal Squirrel Fall Charm Bracelet.
Then I used jewelry pliers to attach jump rings to all my charms and slid the charms on my bracelet to complete the project.
An Embossed Metal Squirrel Fall Charm Bracelet.
Isn't this bracelet fun?  I don't know too many people who have a squirrel bracelet.  ;)
An Embossed Metal Squirrel Fall Charm Bracelet.
And as with most any of my jewelry projects, with a few tweaks this piece can fit any style.  Use different charms and a different embossing folder for a whole different look.  I'm thinking I need a bracelet for Christmas now, right?!

What type of charm bracelet would you create?

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Learn how to easily emboss metal to create this fun Fall Squirrel Charm Bracelet!

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