Thursday, July 25, 2013

{Neon Statement Necklace}

Hey, y'all!  You know I LOVE jewelry, and I find myself making more and more of it lately.  I really love statement necklaces, so I decided to make my own utilizing a supply that's found at the hardware store.
Over a year ago, I was browsing the hardware section of Walmart to find something to inspire me to make jewelry.  I found a bag of cotter pins of various sizes.
I used them to make a pair of earrings that you can find {HERE}.  Since then, I've had the leftover cotter pins in a jar in my craft room, waiting patiently until I thought of another way to make them beautiful.  Recently, inspiration struck!  I knew I could use them to make a statement necklace--a NEON statement necklace.  I gathered a bunch of them of different sizes and Krylon's Fluorescent spray paint to begin the process of making them beautiful.
You can see my technical spray painting set up above.  ;)  I spread the cotter pins out on a wire that I stuck in the ground, and then I just sprayed them with a few coats of the spray paint.  It wouldn't hurt to spray them with a few coats of clear spray paint as well, but I wasn't patient enough to do that.
I matched the sprayed cotter pins up by size, and then I put them together in a "V" pattern.  I had to make something for them to hang on, and I decided gold would look great with the neon pink.
I cut a piece of chain 20" long.  (The type of chain I used will allow me to shorten it if I want.)  I attached a jump ring to one end.  Then I carefully threaded the cotter pins on and attached the clasp and second jump ring to the other end of the chain.  Immediate neon statement necklace awesomeness ensued!
You can't really grasp the fluorescence of the neon in the photos.  It's pretty darn bright.
I love the gold with the neon pink.
And I love the way it fans out when I wear it.  Do you love the statement necklace trend or do you prefer more "subtle" necklaces?
You can find more of my DIY necklace tutorials {HERE}.


  1. This is so AWESOME! Love this - the color, the style...gorgeous! :)

  2. Whoa! Once again an incredible jewelry post! That necklace looks so amazing on you! Love the color, too! I'm thinking you need your own DIY jewelry blog.

  3. Brilliant!!! Your new necklace is fantastic Bethany. I love it!!!!

  4. Very creative! And, as always, awesome!

  5. Such a unique look! I love how inventive you were in using supplies from the hardware store! This is going to make me see hardware in a whole new light. Home Depot, here I come!

    The Thinking Closet

  6. I think I love statement necklaces, but I struggle a bit with actually wearing them. This one is nice because its not too overpowering but still lots of fun. Love it!

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  8. This is so durned awesome, love it. The color is quite pretty with that outfit.
    I'm not much into the statement necklaces, can't stand heavy on me in summer especially. In winter sometimes. Guess anybody could paint the cotter pins whatever color they wanted to make this, really love it. Could wrap the pins with yarn as something different? Very versatile, so smart. #1 project.
    Found your project on Inspiration Gallery tonight. Happy week ahead.

  9. Brilliant! I never would have imagined something from the hardware section being so trendy.

  10. Love, love, LOVE!! You are so clever. I'm thinking I need to make one of these soon!
    Thanks for sharing at Artsy Corner, you were featured this week!

  11. Wow so unique and what an idea its awesome i have never seen so less expensive necklace with handmade its great i love it i will give this idea to my wife.

    ISO 2338| ISO 2341 | DIN 1444

  12. Gurl, this is just too cute!! Who would have ever thought of this but it's a perfect way to jazz up your wardrobe on the "low - a great share - thank you.


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