Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{Christmas Hair Clip}

Last year, I had the pleasure of guest posting at Everything Under the Moon.  I shared the Christmas hair clip I made for my niece, and here's the tutorial...

The inspiration for this project came from Pinterest.  Imagine that? :)  I started with these supplies...

I used red and white sparkly felt, green felt, and a metal hair clip.  And you probably notice those cute little reindeer buttons.  Well, I didn't end up using them.  I had planned on it, but I ended up using a sparkly red pom pom instead.  I found the flower template while browsing Pinterest.  You can get the flower template from yoonie-at-home.  (Yoonie's tutorial is great, and she uses her flower to create a headband!)

Step One: Cut out the template pieces.  Pin them to your felt and cut out your felt pieces.

Step Two: I wanted to add a little something to the white flower, so I stitched around the white flower petals with red thread.

Step Three: Sew all the pieces together with a few stitches in the middle.

Step Four: Add the center embellishment to cover up your stitches.  I used a sparkly red pom pom.  Clip a circle of felt in between your hair clip.  You are going to create a sandwich with your flower on top, then the top of the hair clip, then the felt circle.

Step Five: Glue the flower to the top of the clip.  (The picture below is the back view, of course.)

Step Six: Admire your beautiful Christmas hair clip!

The clip looked so adorable in my niece's hair.

But that could just be because she is so adorable anyway.  ;)

When I made the clip, I also made a tiny bow clip for my littlest niece.

The tutorial for it can be found {HERE}.  These would be great Christmas gifts.  You could change the color combos for clips that would coordinate with any outfit.


  1. Adorable and the sparkly pom is perfect!

  2. Even with that little pout...your niece is adorable. What a beautiful flower clip.

  3. Hi, Bethany

    How sweet is this hair bow. Love it!


  4. Too cute, anything with embroidery and felt - I am in! An adult version with different felt could be super cute too! Take care, Laura

  5. How sweet! And your little one is adorable. Thanks for sharing.
    Donna @onceuponasewingmachine.com

  6. Those are precious! (So is your niece!) My daughter is out of the hair clip age, unfortunately. I hate that :( I may have to try this on a headband, though - she might actually wear that!

  7. This is sooooooo adorable and so is your little model : ) What a great project!!! Thanks for sharing the HOW TO!!! Sending hug and thank you for dropping by today : )


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