Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{T-Shirt Scarf}

With the holiday season upon us, we all want to look our best for different events.  Even though I want to look my best, I hate to sacrifice the comfort of a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.  When I go to a family gathering, I like to wear a little more than a t-shirt and jeans, though.  Recently, I wanted to wear this comfy outfit to a family gathering, but as you can see, it's just too plain.

I had on cute red flats with the outfit, but that just wasn't enough to "spruce it up."  Then I thought of something!

I remembered I had pinned some ideas for scarves made out of t-shirts.  They didn't even involve sewing!  So I quickly went to Wal-mart to buy a t-shirt.

I followed directions online to make a no-sew scarf, much like the tutorial found here from Chambanachik, and this is what I ended up with.

No Sew T-shirt Scarf: Version #1

It was cute, but I felt that a scarf like that needed to be longer so that I could wrap it around once.  I mean, I didn't want anyone to say, "Hey, why are you wearing a huge tube top around your neck?"  So I consulted Pinterest again and reworked the scarf using these directions from Shwin&Shwin.

No Sew T-shirt Scarf: Version #2

The second time was the charm!  I like this version much better.  I'm not sure if it looks more like a scarf or a big necklace, but I like it.  (My sister asked me which one it was, but she said she liked it too.)  Both scarves were super easy and quick to make.  And I ended up being comfortable and {maybe} stylish at my family gathering.  Whenever you need that something to add to your outfit, do a quick Pinterest search, and you just might find that something you were looking for that you can make yourself for cheap! :)

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  1. You're too cute!! Love the red, I have made a t-shirt scarf too, so easy and cute!

  2. Adorable! My favorite post yet and your blog looks fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi, Bethany

    Love the T-scarf. It looks great. Have a great weekend.


  4. Adorable pictures and commentary! Love your scarf too!


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