Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Lovely Are Your Branches...

I'm so excited that I got to put up my Christmas tree this weekend!  I normally wait a while longer since I get a real tree so that it doesn't die before Christmas, but my husband and I just decided to go for it this year.  We got this little beauty at Piggly Wiggly for a very good price.

My husband always puts the lights on the tree.  It's much easier for him because he's a lot taller than I am.  Even though this tree isn't quite as tall as our normal trees, I stand at a whopping 5' 2", so I pretty much need a step stool for everything. :)

After he got the lights on, I started decorating.  I use different shades of blue and gold to decorate because my living room is blue and yellow.  It doesn't matter if your Christmas decor matches your normal decor or not.  When we first got married, I decorated with red and green.  I decided I wanted to make everything "flow" better with our normal decor, though, so I started the blue and gold theme.

I use gold sparkly ribbon, sparkly floral picks, and lots of blue and gold ornaments with a few white sprinkled in.  The finished product always makes me smile!

I always decorate my mantel too because that's what mantels are for, right?

The butterfly pictures stay up year round because they're stuck on with those Command adhesive strips, and it took me FOREVER to get them all up and straight.

Underneath the mantel, I have a reminder of what Christmas is all about.  When I saw it, I just had to buy it because it's covered in GLITTER!  It is the perfect nativity for me. :)

Now that the living room is decorated, I'm ready to cuddle up with my hubby and watch Christmas movies!


  1. Hi, Bethany

    What a lovely tree and I love you mantle. Merry Christmas.


  2. I can't believe your got your tree already up. UGH! good for you, what is Piggly Wiggly? Sounds cool. I love your tree and mantel. Your right it really is about what under the mantel. Sometimes its so easy to stray from that.

  3. I love how the mantel looks, and love the butterfly pictures, my daughters would swoon for those..........if you wanted to add more bling to your mantel, you could always get some beautiful xmas paper and wrap some of your butterfly pictures with them. I wrap a lot of the pictures on our walls to add extra decorating for xmas, a fun and inexpensive way to add some color!

  4. Such a beautiful tree! I love your color choice and especially the ribbon!

  5. Your tree is very pretty! And I totally love that nativity!

  6. What a beautifully decorated home. I am in the mood for Christmas now. It looks absolutely lovely.


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