Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Easy, Inexpensive Sunburst Mirror and Gallery Wall

   Hi, everyone!  I'm still working on that mystery room at my mom's house. ;)  I wanted a rather large something to take up a lot of space on two different walls.  I follow The Lettered Cottage on Facebook, and one day they posted an awesome sunburst mirror.  They followed the tutorial found on Twenty-Six To Life.  I had been wanting to make a sunburst mirror, and when I saw theirs, I knew it was "the one."  LOL.  So I gathered my supplies and followed the tutorial found here.  And here's the finished project!!!

   Isn't it beautiful?!  As far as the other wall is concerned, I have started a gallery wall.  I previously blogged about some frames I found for cheap at the thrift store.  I paired those with some frames my mom had that she was no longer using.  My dad (bless his heart) carefully measured and hung almost all the frames.  (I hung a few myself.)  I plan on painting the frames and finding art to replace the old pictures and to fill the empty frames.  My collage cow is going in one of them!
     The room is slowly coming along.  I hope to finish it before school starts, but that's not too long from now. :'(  Maybe I can get it done, though, because I can't wait to post the reveal!


  1. I love this mirror! I have been wanting to do some kind of piece like this! Where did you get the actual mirror for it?

  2. Hi, Kimberly! You should try it because it's really easy. :) I got the mirror from Hobby Lobby. If you decide to make one, remember to check the Hobby Lobby website for a coupon before you go buy your mirror because a lot of times you can get a coupon for 40% off one item. Thanks for stopping by!


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