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Easy DIY Glitter Reindeer Ornaments

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Hey, y'all!  Can you believe that Christmas is just a few days away?  I seriously cannot.  I always have grand plans for Christmas, but the holiday season always gets so busy that I don't have time to do everything I planned to do.  This makes me sad, but I try to give myself some grace.  I can only do what I can do, right?  Maybe you're feeling the same way, but you still want to do a little holiday crafting.  Well, today's post is for you.  I have a SUPER easy ornament tutorial for you.  I'm calling these my Easy DIY Reindeer Ornaments, and you can whip up several of these in no time.
Last Minute Christmas Craft Easy DIY Reindeer Ornaments
Also, you only need a few supplies to make these as well, which is always a plus.  Enough rambling.  Let's get to the tutorial!
Easy DIY Ornaments with the Sizzix Big Shot
Of course since this is a Sizzix Design Team post, you'll need some Sizzix products to create this ornament, along with a few other supplies.  I'm going to list them below and link to them using affiliate links.  This is a fancy way of saying that if you buy something through one of my links, a small percentage of the purchase price will go toward helping support my blog.  (Thanks!)

DIY Reindeer Ornament Supplies:

Cutting mat board with the Sizzix Big Shot

Step One

The first step to creating the ornaments is cutting the deer from mat board.  This is so easy with your Sizzix Big Shot.  Simply place a piece of mat board on top of the Dashing Deer Bigz die.  Sandwich that between a pair of Standard Size Cutting Pads and roll through your Sizzix Big Shot.  Repeat the process if you want more deer.
How to glitter without a mess

 Step Two

Next it's time to glitter the deer.  A lot of people dislike crafting with glitter because it gets everywhere.  I have a trick when crafting with glitter that will minimize the glittery mess.  Coat the deer with a layer of Mod Podge.  I used Sparkle Mod Podge because GLITTER, but regular Mod Podge will work fine too.  Once the deer are covered in Mod Podge, place them one at a time in a Ziplock bag.  Pour a lot of extra fine glitter in the bag and shake.  Carefully remove the deer from the bag and lay flat to dry.  You can repeat this process until your deer is completely covered with glitter.  When you have the level of glittery goodness you want and the deer is dry, shake the excess glitter off over a trash can.  Then to ensure you don't get glitter everywhere after you've been so careful, apply a final layer of Mod Podge to seal the glitter.  I didn't do the last layer of Mod Podge and now I have glitter all over my house.  *Slaps palm to forehead*
Add twine to ornaments for hanging

Step Three

Tie some twine to your ornaments so that you can hang them on your tree.  I love that you can just thread the twine through the holes that are already in the deer.
Easy DIY Reindeer Ornaments
And just like that, you have a brand new ornament to hang on your tree.
DIY Sparkly Reindeer Ornaments
This ornament is insanely glittery, and I just love that!
Easy DIY Glitter Reindeer Ornaments
And, of course, I love that you can make a whole bunch of these inexpensively and easily.  They're a perfect last-minute Christmas decor craft!
Disclaimer: As a member of the 2016 Sizzix Design Team, I receive certain products free of charge in exchange for sharing project tutorials and inspiration with my readers.  As always, all opinions are 100% mine.

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