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10 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas from Teachers

Hey, y'all!  If you've been a follower of my blog for a while, you probably know already that I'm a teacher.  If you're new to the blog, well, I have a day job, and it's teaching English to high schoolers.  ;)  It's the time of year when bloggers start sharing Teacher Appreciation ideas, so I thought it would be fun to ask some of my fellow teachers what they'd like to receive for Teacher Appreciation Day, which is May 5th this year.  I compiled their answers into a short list to share with y'all today.
10 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas from Teachers Themselves--Find out what teachers REALLY want.
Now let me preface this list by saying that this is not an online plea for gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week.  Honestly, in my nine years of teaching, I don't remember ever getting anything from a student for Teacher Appreciation Day, and I'm completely okay with that.  Since I teach high schoolers, that's not really something on their radars.  I'm lucky enough to work at a school that shows appreciation for teachers through small little gifts or treats each day of Teacher Appreciation Week.  With that being said, if I or my fellow teachers were to receive a little something from a student on Teacher Appreciation Day, here are ten gifts we would be excited about receiving.
1.  Gum or Mints
If you've ever had to help a student one-on-one right after lunch, you know how much this gift would be appreciated!
2.  Candy
During a rough day, something as simple as a small piece of chocolate can make a teacher feel a little better, so an emergency stash of candy or chocolate is a great thing to have.
3.  School Supplies
Most teachers buy pencils, pens, notebook paper, crayons, construction paper, glue, markers, etc. for their classrooms using their own money.  Yes, technically those items are for the students, but if a teacher doesn't have to buy one of those items with his or her own money, that's definitely a plus.
4.  Personalized Items
I think a scientific study should be done to figure out why teachers love personalized items so much.  Give us a coffee cup, tote bag, or notepad with our name or initials on it, and we get super excited!
5.  Lotion or Hand Sanitizer
Germs are rampant in a school no matter how clean it is, so hand sanitizer is always a good choice as a gift for teachers.  And hand sanitizer and hand washing, which teachers do frequently, is not exactly gentle on the skin, so lotion would be a great gift too.
6.  Cleaning Supplies
Yes, schools have some cleaning supplies on hand, but these are still things that teachers often buy using their own money.  Disinfecting wipes and other cleaning supplies would be a very useful gift, and one more item a teacher doesn't have to buy himself or herself.
7.  Gift Card
A $5 gift card to Walmart, Target, Subway, Starbucks, etc. would be a great gift.
8.  Summer Items
Since Teacher Appreciation Day comes at the end of the school year, teachers are starting to get excited about summer.  A packet of flower seeds, a hummingbird feeder, a beach towel, or a beach bag would be a great gift.
9.  Breakfast or Lunch
If you're able, taking a teacher a Bojangles biscuit for breakfast or a Subway sandwich for lunch would seriously make his or her day.  Something besides school breakfast/lunch or a sandwich is always exciting!
10.  A Simple Note of Appreciation
I think I saved the best for last.  You honestly don't have to spend a dime to show your appreciation to a teacher.  You or your child writing a simple note of appreciation to a teacher would probably mean more to a teacher than any of the ideas above.  Most teachers became teachers to help students learn and become productive citizens.  Sometimes teachers fall into the trap of wondering if they're making a difference.  A note telling them that they are indeed making a difference would mean more than you can even imagine.
10 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas from Teachers Themselves--Find out what teachers REALLY want.
If you're a parent who always tries to do something for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week, I hope this list gives you some ideas.  And since y'all are so awesome (and may even be teachers yourselves), what are some ideas you have for Teacher Appreciation gifts that I might not have included?
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  1. What a great list! It's always the little things with a handwritten note that mean the most!

  2. This is a spot-on list! I was a teacher for 5 years, and I second every single thing. The handwritten note was always my favorite. I kept all of them and still have them stashed away even though I don't teach anymore. :) I always gave my students (high schoolers) handwritten notes right before Thanksgiving break to tell them why I was thankful for each of them. It was so wonderful to see their faces as they read them.


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