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DIY Rolled Scrap Paper Heart Art

Hey, y'all!  A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of guest posting over at Flamingo Toes as part of Bev's Scrap Busting Extravaganza.  When Bev first contacted me about being a part of the series, I immediately thought of all the scrapbook paper pieces that I have in my craft stash.  I never throw away the scraps because I always think that I can use them for SOMETHING one day.  Finally, I found my something to use my scraps: this Rolled Scrap Paper Heart Art.
Rolled Scrap Paper Heart Art--Create this cute art from paper scraps!
What I love most about this project is that I was able to completely craft from my stash, meaning I didn't buy anything to create this pretty art.  To make the scrap art, I used the following supplies:
  • Wooden Laser Cut Frame
  • Scrap Foam Board
  • Scraps of Patterned Paper
  • Old Sheet Music
  • Printed Heart
  • Soy Wood Stain
  • Foam Brushes (2)
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot Glue & Glue Gun
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Dowel Scrap
  • Ink Pad
  • Paper Rose Scrapbook Embellishment
Stain a laser cut wooden frame with soy stain.
To begin, I stained a scroll-y wooden frame with soy stain.  The fumes from soy stain aren't as bad as with regular stain, so I like to use it when crafting inside.  You should still use it in a well-ventilated area though.
Use scrap foam board to act as the base of your art.
Once the stain was dry, I cut a piece of scrap foam board the size of the opening of the frame plus a little extra overhang so that I could glue the pieces later.
Mod Podge pages from an old hymnal on foam board to create art.
I recently bought six old hymnals from my local Restore, so I cut a page from one of those and used my trusty Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the foam board.
Use scrap paper and a dowel to create rolled paper tubes.
While the Mod Podge was drying, I made the rolled paper heart.  I found a heart image online through a Google image search.  I copied and pasted it into a Word document, sized it to fit inside the frame and printed it.  I then cut strips of patterned paper scraps wide enough to cover the heart template.
Use scrap paper, a dowel and hot glue to create rolled paper tubes.
I rolled the paper strips over the dowel one full rotation and ran a thin line of glue over the paper.  I then rolled the paper a few more rotations, glued the end, and cut off the excess paper.  I continued to make paper rolls until I had enough to cover the entire heart template.
Scrap paper becomes a rolled paper heart.
  I then laid the rolled paper pieces over the heart template and cut them to fit the template exactly.  I started by laying on piece at the end and lightly making a pencil mark where I wanted to cut the paper.  I cut the piece and then glued it to the template.  I repeated the process until the entire heart was filled in.
Scrap paper becomes a rolled paper heart on a recycled hymn page background.
Then I cut the rolled paper heart out.  I used hot glue to glue the sheet music-covered foam board to the back of the frame and to attach the heart to the center of that.
Ink adds dimension to a rolled paper heart.
Because I wanted the heart to stand out a little more, I rubbed the edges and top with an ink pad.  I used a gold ink pad for a subtle look.  And then because the top right part of my heart was a little wonky (that's a technical term), I covered it with a paper rose from my craft stash, completing my art.
Rolled Scrap Paper Heart Art--A Scrap Busting Project!
This cute little project cost me nothing.  I used scraps and what I had on hand.  I just love projects like this that help me get rid of some of my craft stash!
DIY Rolled Scrap Paper Heart Art--A Scrap Busting Project with a Vintage Look!
I love the vintage look of the piece, but by using a different frame and different paper, you could totally change the look of the art to match your personal taste.
Use your paper scraps to create this vintage-looking Rolled Scrap Paper Heart Art.
Now that I've shown you my scrap paper art, I'm curious.  What's in your scrap pile?  Fabric?  Vinyl?  Or are you not a hoarder like myself?  ;)
This post was originally shared at Flamingo Toes on January 29, 2015.
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