Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Handmade Gift Idea: DIY Metal Stamped Bracelet

Hey, y'all!  Since Christmas has come and gone, I can share one of my DIY gifts now.  I have a cousin who LOVES The Phantom of the Opera.  I mean, I can't blame the girl because the play and movie are great, and the book is my favorite book of all time.  (And, yes, the book is better than the play and movie, but it doesn't have the awesome music.)  I really wanted to make her something inspired by The Phantom of the Opera, so I decided to practice my metal stamping skills more and make her a metal stamped bracelet.
DIY Metal Stamped Bracelet via pitterandglink.com
 Even if you're a beginner metal stamper like myself, with a little practice you can make a bracelet like this yourself in less than an hour.
Supplies Needed to Create a Stamped Metal Blank via pitterandglink.com
To create the stamped portion of the bracelet, you need several supplies.  Many of my supplies were sent to me a few months ago by GoodyBeads.
DIY Stamped Metal Bracelet: Creating Holes in the Blank pitterandglink.com
First, take the metal blank and punch holes in each end.  I will be honest with y'all.  I just eyeballed it.  I don't have the patience to measure where a little tiny hole should go.
DIY Stamped Metal Blank Inspired by The Phantom of the Opera pitterandglink.com
After your holes are punched, stamp your design.  Use the straight tape to line up the metal blank on the bench block.  Use a ruler to make evenly spaced marks on the tape to help you space out your letters and words properly.  You can even write the letters on the tape where you want them to go.  Then stamp each letter, making sure to hit the stamps VERY hard with the brass hammer.
DIY Stamped Metal Bracelet--Darkening the Letters via pitterandglink.com
Remove the blank from the block, and color in the letters with a permanent marker.  Remove the excess marker with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.  Use the polishing pad to shine the piece and remove any fine scratches.
Use Bending Pliers to Make a Metal Blank Curve to Your Wrist pitterandglink.com
Use the nylon bracelet bending pliers to bend your blank into a shape that will fit snuggly against a wrist.  Do this by putting a small portion of the bracelet in the pliers and pressing down hard.  Slide the bracelet down a little and close the pliers again.  Keep repeating this process until the whole blank is curved.  And that's all there is to the stamping portion of the bracelet.  All that's left is making the blank into a bracelet.
Attach chain to a stamped metal blank to make a personalized bracelet.  pitterandglink.com
Cut a piece of chain the desired size of your bracelet minus the length of the blank.  Attach the end of the chain to the blank with a jump ring.  Use another jump ring to attach a clasp to the other end of the blank.  You can then just open the clasp and insert the end of the chain to close the bracelet.
Make a charm for a DIY Stamped Metal Bracelet pitterandglink.com
If you want to make the bracelet a little fancier, make a small charm with a headpin and a few beads.  Attach that to one of the jump rings.
DIY Stamped Metal Bracelet--An easy, inexpensive gift idea!  via pitterandglink.com
Then your (or in my case, my cousin's) DIY metal stamped bracelet is done.
DIY Phantom of the Opera Inspired Stamped Metal Bracelet--An easy, inexpensive gift idea!  pitterandglink.com
The cool thing about this gift is that it's completely unique, plus it's easy to make and inexpensive. I used this same process to create a few other stamped bracelets for gifts.
DIY Stamped Metal Bracelet--A personalized, inexpensive gift idea!  pitterandglink.com
I created this one for my cousin-in-law.  It features the name of her brand new baby girl.  I'm pretty sure that I'll be making these often when I need personalized, inexpensive gifts.
If you haven't tried metal stamping before, I highly suggest you buy a few starter tools and blanks and give it a try.  It's pretty addictive, and you can make so many great personalized pieces of jewelry!
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  1. Love it!! Have you tried ImpressArt's Soft Strike blanks? They're much easier to get a clear impression {I noticed your comment about hitting very hard} and now I won't use anything else!

  2. Love the bracelets. I tried this a couple of years ago at a class and really enjoyed doing it. Needless to say I didn't buy the supplies. I started into bead work instead. You do the best gifts...my birthday is in September..just a little hint!!!! LOL

  3. WOW, this bracelet is amazing! You are a metal stamping guru, Bethany! :D

  4. Love your bracelet and would love to make necklaces and bracelets for gifts and myself, teenage grand kids.Saw comment above about using ImpressArts' Soft Strike blanks. Have to see who carries them in Junction. You sure did great job for being first time attempting this craft. Have admired this kind of jewelry online but was hesitant due to possible costs of supplies/tools to make them. Will keep this in mind. Glad you shared this great tutorial. Encourages me to get what I need to try it. Hope your holidays were wonderful, I was AWOL for while due to learning how to use new pc (windows 8.1) Yes I am quite digitally challenged. Kept working on it and reading tutorials offered, (thank heavens) plus was exhausted from working on stuff for craft show and finishing up getting ready for Christmas. Then getting house cleaned up and stuff put away, what a mess. Thankfully all over with but not sure I'd want to do craft show so close to holidays again. Getting bit long in tooth for all that. Getting lazy too maybe. Happy New Year

  5. I adore your project. Makes me want to pull out my jewelry making supplies and actually make something with it!

  6. So gorgeous! Endless possibilities. :)

  7. I cannot believe the jewelry you just whip up?! So beautiful and you always make it look effortless. That kind of crafting just doesn't happen around here!

  8. Love this! It turned out great and this could be addicting! Featuring when my link party opens up tonight!


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