Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{Duck Tape Decorated Dollar Store Pumpkin}

Hey, y'all!  Did you survive Halloween?  I did, and now I'm ready for Thanksgiving.  In preparation for Thanksgiving, I have a lovely pumpkin project to share with you.  Y'all know that I love those dollar store pumpkins.  (Remember my Fabric-Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin and my Pink Glitter Pumpkins.)  This time, I've decorated one with spray paint and Duck tape, and I love how it turned out.
To begin this project, I started with a dollar store pumpkin, of course.  :)
Let's face it: that orange, styrofoam-looking thing is not that cute.
So I used a pretty turquoise color spray paint made by Valspar called Exotic Sea to begin its transformation.
I wrapped the stem of the pumpkin with twine to make it stand out from the rest of the pumpkin.  Then it was time to add the Duck tape design.
To create the design, I used Duck tape, a ruler, a craft knife, and my fabric cutting mat.
I stuck a strip of Duck tape to my mat and used the ruler to cut triangles.  You can see in the above photo how I did that easily by cutting two squares and then cutting those squares in half diagonally to create triangles.  Then I placed those triangles on the pumpkin in a geometric design.  You can create whatever pattern you'd like.
I love the final product.  The gold Duck tape looks really pretty paired with the turquoise paint.
A grouping of these pumpkins and some pretty candles would make a lovely centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.  Who says Thanksgiving has to be brown, yellow, and gold?  ;)


  1. So pretty! Love the turquoise and sparkle and especially the stem!

  2. Loving it! Such a great colour (and you know I'll hop on board with anything golden!)

  3. классно придумала!

  4. OOO, AAHHH!!! I love it! I wish my Dollar General store had fun stuff like this. Sadly, the 2 stores near me are horrible and never carry anything cool! :-(

    I've been loving your posts. You are so creative. Hope you are doing well. ~Kim

  5. Pretty! I was wondering if you used a real or fake pumpkin...you answered my question :)


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