Thursday, November 21, 2013

{An Inexpensive DIY Gift Idea: Gold & Green Bracelet}

Hey, y'all!  Have you seen those pretty chunky chain bracelets that are so "in" right now?  I'm kind of digging them, especially the ones with the gemstones in the middle.  They're pretty pricey, though, so being the crafter that I am, I decided to make my own version that is a PERFECT DIY gift just in time for the holidays!
You only need a few supplies to make this pretty bracelet.
You need…
  • chunky gold chain (I chose matte gold.)
  • findings to match: one eye pin, two jump rings, and a clasp
  • a large glass bead or gemstone
  • jewelry pliers
Thread the eye pin through your bead.  Use your pliers to create a loop on the opposite end of the eye pin.
Set this aside while you cut your chain.
Measure your wrist.  If you want your bracelet to fit tightly, subtract the length of the bead from the measurement of your wrist.  If you want your bracelet to be a little loose, you can cut the chain the same measurement as your wrist.  Take the chain you cut and cut it in half so that you have two equal pieces.
Connect your chains to the bead using the loops.  Then connect a jump ring to one end of the bracelet and a jump ring and clasp to the other end of the bracelet.  All that's left is the wearing or maybe the gifting.  ;)
I really like the matte gold paired with the chunky glass bead.
This would be a great Christmas gift for those ladies on your list who love jewelry, and the best part is the bracelet only costs a few dollars to make!  That's the beauty of DIY gifts done right: you can give someone a gift that looks like it came from a catalog or a pricey store, and they'll have no idea that you didn't spend a lot to purchase it.  If you're in the market for more inexpensive gift ideas, I've teamed up with my favorite bloggers again this month exactly for that purpose.
We're sharing DIY gift ideas for $20 or less, so please be sure to visit these awesome ladies' blogs for even more inexpensive gift ideas! 

Happy crafting, friends!


  1. What a beautiful, yet simple bracelet to make. Love this idea!

  2. Lovely! And so simple maybe even I could tackle this ;) I like that chunky chain- great job, Bethany! :)

  3. Bethany, what a beautiful bracelet! Simple yet elegant! :D

  4. You have beautiful taste, Bethany!

  5. So pretty! I'm not usually into gold, but this is beautiful, and the green "gem" is perfect! Isn't DIY jewelry awesome, such simple and fantastic gifts!

  6. Love this, Bethany! I'm new to jewelry, but I think I could try this. (Might be my first foray into head pins).


  7. Hi Bethany, I love this bracelet. It would make such a great gift. Do you read Craft Test Dummies? They did a review on a looper that makes loops in one step. Here's the url of the review: I've never tried making jewelry because I knew I would struggle with the some of the wires and loops, but am thinking about trying it with this new looper. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving my sweet friend. Kim in Tx.

  8. You explain it in such an easy way, I really do think even I could tackle this! (And the finished bracelet looks so chic.) Well done, my friend. It's a real stand-out piece and such a fab idea for a Christmas gift! (Gotta love the green gem.)

  9. What a great bracelet! I love the color of the large bead you used!

  10. Awesome post! its a very simple technique to create and wear this bracelet. I am very happy to read your post. Keep sharing in future also thank you.


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