Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{Back to School Week: Printable Student Schedules}

Hey, y'all!  I hope you're enjoying Back to School Week so far.  This morning I posted a couple of printables for teachers.  Well, this afternoon I have a couple of printables for middle school and high school students.
At the beginning of every school year when I'm standing outside my room during class changes, I can't tell you how many times I see a student walking through the hallway with a frantic look on his or her face.  Why the frantic look?  Normally that student is a ninth grader or a transfer student who has no idea where he or she is supposed to go.  I always feel so badly for those students because I know how awful it is to feel out of place and worry that you're going to have to walk into a room late full of people you don't know.  One way to remedy this as a parent is to take your student to school before the first day of school, look at the student's schedule, and walk the student through his or her class changes.  Normally, middle schools and high schools will have an orientation day for students making the big school change, and a teacher or administrator will help any students with class schedules and other important info.  I would highly recommend taking your student to that orientation if it's offered at his or her school.
That being said, some students still like to have that all-important schedule near on the first few days of school.  I have a printable today that will help your student keep a stylish schedule at hand.  
Depending on the school, some students have have a four block day and some students may have a seven period day.  These printables will work for either.

{CLICK HERE} to download the orange schedule.  {CLICK HERE} to download the pink schedule.

These printables are for personal use only--you may not claim them as your own, resell, or redistribute them.  They are square and can be printed to any square size you'd like.  I would suggest either printing them small enough to fit in your student's pocket or large enough to fit into a binder pocket without getting lost.  (Your student could also punch a hole in one and hang it from his or her book bag with a book ring.) When your student gets his or her schedule, use it to write the important info on the printables, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you prepared your student for that all-important first day of school.
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for day three of Back to School Week!


  1. LOVING your Back to School Week! I'm printing these out for my daughter and her friends! So bright, colorful and 'hip'! I don't think 'hip' is a word my daughter approves of...oh well. Love them!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this one too! Forwarding to my daughter! :D

  3. Had to comment again...my daughter just got her schedule today and has printed out 5 copies of your pink schedules--one for each day of the week. Who knew that a 7th grader could have a different schedule every day? It's going to be one crazy year! Thanks again!

  4. I found these handy-dandys via search engine and thought they were perfect for my kids, but then saw there was no link here for them. Bummer.

    1. Hi, SusanJo! I am so glad you commented to let me know that you couldn't see a link. There was supposed to be a widget in the post from the file sharing site I used to use. I'm not sure if they've changed something or what, but I had no idea that the widget wasn't showing up. I have now edited the post to simply contain a clickable link. I hope it works for you now. :)


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