Thursday, August 8, 2013

{Back to School Week: Glittered Dollar Store Stapler}

Hey, ya'll!  I always hate to see summer vacation end, but it's almost over whether I want it to be or not.   Having fun, new "teacher stuff" makes the transition from vacation to work a little easier, so I always work on a few back-to-school projects during the summer.  One of my latest projects involves a dollar store stapler and a lot of glitter.
The dollar store has a decent selection of school supplies, but they're not often super cute, so I picked up this stapler on a recent visit with hopes of making it fabulous.
I decided to spray the stapler gold, so I started the process by taping off the silver part of the stapler that houses the staples.
Then I sprayed the purple plastic with Krylon's metallic gold spray paint.
I know you're probably thinking that spray paint doesn't stick really well to plastic, and you're right.  I knew that I was going to cover the paint, though, so I wasn't too worried about that.  What did I cover it with?  Glitter of course!
I got out my gold extra fine glitter.  Extra fine glitter is the bee's knees because it has tons of sparkle, and it isn't all chunky and rough when you use it.
I mixed some of the glitter with Mod Podge and brushed the mixture on the stapler.  I used a couple of coats to make sure I had lots of glitter on the stapler.  I took off the tape when everything was dry, and now I have a super classy stapler that cost me a dollar.  A dollar, people!
How fun is a gold glittered stapler?!
Now I want to glitter everything!  A tape dispenser!  My desk chair!  The door to my classroom!  Okay, I'm probably getting carried away, but you get the point.  I love my new stapler, and I know it will make me a little happier when I return to school.  You know what else will make me happy?  The notepad and pencil the stapler is sitting on in the picture above.  You can find the tutorial for that today at See Vanessa Craft.  And tomorrow I hope you'll come back here for the last day of Back to School Week.


  1. So incredibly sparkly! I'm loving your Back to School Week! So fun.

  2. Love it! I am definitely going to glitz up some of my school supplies (even if I'm not going back to school just yet)!

  3. Ok, that is glittery fabulous. Who would have thought to dazzle up a dollar store stapler...but now everyone will. Beautiful.

  4. I love it! well, I love everything glitter.

  5. Wow, Bethany, you make school supplies glamorous....LOVE it!

  6. This is genius. I need to do this for my desk. Thanks!

  7. Cute idea :)


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