Friday, July 19, 2013

{Meet Daisy Doodle}

Hey, y'all!  A few month's ago, I shared with y'all our sadness over the loss of Lily, our 6 1/2 year old golden retriever who suffered from nasal cancer.  (You can read the post HERE.)  Our house was soooo lonely after she passed.  And while we still miss her every day, our house is a lot less lonely now.  Why?  Well, meet Daisy.
Daisy is our eight week old golden doodle.  We brought her home last weekend, and she has quickly become a part of the family.  
She is just the tiniest, cutest little fur baby!  I had to explain to Daisy that Lily was the best dog in the world before her passing, but since she is in heaven now, Daisy herself is now the best dog in the world.  She seems to be fine with that.
Since she's just a baby, she sleeps a lot now...often in weird positions that just can't be comfortable.  
She loves to cuddle too, and I'm all about it.  :)  When she wakes up, though, she is a force to be reckoned with.  Think tiny sharp teeth, ankle biting and galloping around so fast she trips over her own feet.
As you can see, she's pretty vicious.  ;)  
But when she's bad and we try to chastise her, she turns on the charm, and we can't be mad at her anymore.  (Well, until she bites our ankles again. ) 
She'll never take Lily's place in our hearts, but there just so happened to be a Daisy-shaped hole there until we got this little doodle, and she has been more than happy to fill it.  :)  
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