Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{Simple Silver Bracelet}

Hey, y'all!  Recently at Through the Eyes of the Mrs., I shared the easiest bracelet tutorial you will ever see.  (Well, there might be an easier bracelet tutorial somewhere, but I doubt it...)  Today I want to share it with y'all.
You only need a few supplies to make this bracelet.
You will need a piece of chain the size of your wrist, a clasp, a jump ring and a silver tube bead.  Are you beginning to see what I mean by easy?
Thread the chain through the tube bead and attach the clasp to one end and the jump ring to the other. That's it.  Seriously.
Besides tying a string to your wrist, bracelet making can't get much easier than this!
I think this bracelet would look great paired with other bracelets, but it also looks great by itself.  If you like this tutorial, check out my Silver & Suede Bracelet tutorial.  It's pretty easy too.  ;)


  1. What a great bracelet! And you can't beat it for easy.

  2. Love both bracelets, had to go look at other one, remembered it. They are both so easy even I can make them. I have problem with my hands holding tools, etc. but think I might be able to handle this one. Love that they're simple and not overdone. They'll go with anything a person would wear also. Also inexpensive to make. So glad you shared this bracelet with us also. Happy Days

  3. I love this Bethany, so simple yet so effective! Looks great on too - Pinning!! xx Nat

  4. I just love you cute bracelet. It is so feminine and elegant.

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  5. Hi, Bethany

    This is a great idea and so easy to do. Love it. Have a great week!



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