Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{Inexpensive, Personalized Stationery}

Hey, y'all!  Last week I had the privilege of hanging out with Through the Eyes of the Mrs. followers and sharing my tutorial for personalized stationery.  (Cards and envelopes and such are stationEry.  If you're not moving, you're stationAry. )  Today I want to share the tutorial with you.
Creating personalized stationery is very simple and inexpensive.  (Remember my embellished stationery?)  Start with plain notecards from the craft store, an ink pad, and a large stamp.
Ink your stamp and then press it on the front flap of your notecard.
If your stamp doesn't cover the entire notecard, repeat the steps above.  It's okay if you aren't able to exactly match up the pattern if you plan to add something to the middle of the card.  Then add washi tape.
You can place as many strips of washi tape on your notecard as you'd like.  Then it's time to add the personalization.
I added an adhesive-backed card stock diamond shape to the center of the washi tape, and I used double sided tape to stick a card stock initial in the center of the diamond.
I rubbed the surface and edges of the notecard with ink to give it a bit of a worn look, but you don't have to do that, of course, if it's not your style.
All that's left is to write a sweet note inside the card and mail it to someone special!  You can read all about who I sent mine to {HERE}.  Whoever you choose to send it to, your card is sure to brighten a day.  :)


  1. So beautiful! Love your stationary joke!

  2. Oh that is so pretty. I wouldn't move if I looked that pretty "stationary" :)

  3. Oooh, pretty, and I LOVE that stamp!!

  4. Snail mail is almost becoming extinct, what a nice surprise it would be to get one of these! ANd HA HA to Mel for the stationery pun!

  5. Great stationery dear..

    xo janika

  6. Hello Bethany!
    Stamps are awesome, I am addicted to them. They are an easy way to personalize lots of things plus they add pretty textures and colors.
    I love the glittery touch.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Xo, Elba

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