Saturday, February 9, 2013

{Valentine Printable}

Hey, y'all!  Whenever Valentine's Day rolls around, I always, of course, think of romance, my husband, and our relationship.  Last week, I was thinking about our wedding day and our first dance. 
I'm not much of a dancer unless you count the Chicken Dance and an embarrassing version of the Cupid Shuffle, but I can slow dance okay.  I mean, all you do is move around in a circle, right?  Anyway, the song we danced to was Norah Jones's version of "Love Me Tender."  
Her voice is so beautiful, and the lyrics to the song are so sweet.  I have to say that the lyrics completely describe how I feel about my husband.  On the day I married him, all my dreams were fulfilled, and he made my life complete.  So in honor of all that, I made a Valentine's Day printable for y'all.
You can download the printable here.

Feel free to download the printable for your own personal use--you may not claim the image as your own, resell, or redistribute it.  To download the printable, simply click on the arrow with the line under it.  I created the printable to be an 8x10, but, as always, you should do a print preview before printing out any printables to ensure the entire image fits in the size you want to print.  (The printable you download won't have the obnoxious watermark on it, but, once again, please don't try to claim it as your own.)  Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Hi Bethany What a wonderful romantic picture of the two of you. Nice to look at that once in awhile, like on your anniversary, and remember those sweet days of being first married. Sometimes it helps when life gets in the way and you might need a reminder down the road of years. You were a gorgeous bride, love your dress. So young and innocent of what life might have in store for you both. Keep those good loving thoughts.

  2. Shame on me I forgot to thank you so much for the wonderful printable.

  3. This is so cute, I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So cute! Printing it tomorrow! Norah Jones is one of my very favorites, love seeing your wedding pictures!

  5. Hi, Bethany

    What a sweet post and I just love your wedding pics. Sweet! Hope you and hubby have a great Valentine's Day!


  6. How sweet! I love looking back at our wedding pics. :) Thanks for the printable & thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party!

  7. Love love love! Pinned.


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