Saturday, October 6, 2012


Somedays when your heart feels just a little bit heavy
And your smile doesn't come as often as it should
And you find yourself so caught up in living that you forget to LIVE--
On days like that
You just have to take a moment.
A moment to soak in the sun from a beautiful day.
A moment to think about all that God has blessed you with.
A moment to forget about the to do list.
A moment to soak in the quiet.
A moment to act silly and dance like a fool.
Just a moment.

Today, I am embracing my moment.
I hope you take the time to do the same.



  1. So true. It's smart to recognize those times we need to recharge :) Enjoy!

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  3. I love this...counting our blessings!

  4. LOVE this! I really needed to read this today....Thanks for sharing!


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