Monday, May 21, 2012

{Dollar Store Tray Turned Magnetic Memo Board}

I love going to the dollar store and looking for inspiration, and I love checking out other bloggers' posts when they use dollar store supplies for projects.  When I was working on my gallery wall for my craft room, I didn't want just frames on the wall.  I love gallery walls that have interesting little pieces of art or repurposed items that make the gallery wall unique.  So I decided to use a dollar store tray to create a magnetic memo board for my wall.

I first primed the tray with Rustoleum's metal primer.  I used the primer on my craft room lamps, and it works really well.

Then I sprayed the tray with Krylon's Ballet Pink in the gloss finish.

At this point, the tray was complete.  But a tray isn't a magnetic memo board without magnets to attach memos with.  So I bought some magnets from the craft store and gathered a few vintage earrings from my stash I inherited from my grandmother.

I used pliers to take the backs off the earrings.

I attached the magnets to the back of the earrings with hot glue.  Then all I had to do was attach the memo board to the wall.  I used Command Adhesive Strips.  (I have plaster walls and trying to hang something with a nail is a bit of a nightmare.)  I decided to hang a photo on the memo board for now.

I love that I can easily change the photo later because of the magnets.

It would be fun to hang little mementoes on the board as well.

I love that the oval shape breaks up the otherwise square gallery wall.  Plus, it only cost a few dollars to make.  

If you haven't checked out the reveal of my craft room makeover, you can find it here.  There will be more tutorials to come!


  1. Completely in love with your earring magnets! So classy! Love your entire craft room!

  2. Oh, I dig :)
    My mother very randomly asked me tonight if I was going to the dollar store soon for anything. I guess now I am :)

  3. So pretty! I love that pink colour. If you're looking for another place to share your creative projects, head on over to Etcetorize ( We have two great parties you could link up to. Hope to see you there~

  4. OK, I love so much about this project - but I especially LOVE the way you incorporated the vintage jewelry that you inherited from your Grandma. Those magnets are beautiful and so very special.

    Thank you for this tutorial!


  5. You did it again!! I have a silver tray I bought on Etsy that was really scratched up and not useable for serving purposes. I hung onto it knowing at some point I would use it for something. Now you have given me the idea of what to do with it! I have some vintage earrings I bought at a consignment shop that I could repurpose as magnets as well. Thanks for the great idea!

  6. Hi, Bethanny

    Great idea and I love the color. I will have to try this. Have a great week.


  7. How adorable! I've already made magnets like that but been hoarding my platters! I guess i'll eventually do one one day! Great job!

  8. You are amazingly wonderful, just sayin'! Adore your craft room, and this project is so sweet. My 20 month old little Abbie is about to get a redo in her room, I am inspired by this pretty project.

    Hugs, Tanya :)

  9. Super cute and I just love this girly room!!

  10. So pretty! It's nice to see a different shape rather than a rectangle holding a photo. It definitely adds some variety!

  11. what a craft room full of cuter than cuteness! thanks for stopping by...♥

  12. Its supercute! Using old earrings was such a cleaver idea. And looks amazing.

  13. Wonderful blogpost. I'm your new follower. More power to you!


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