Sunday, April 1, 2012

{Revamped Hutch}

Guess what?!!  I made it to the top five of Creative Bloggers Got Talent!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!!!!  (Hence all the exclamation marks...)  This is the project that got me to the FINAL ROUND.  :)
Whenever I need a furniture piece for a room I'm working on, before I ever go to a thrift store or a furniture store, I check out the furniture pieces my grandmother left after she passed away.  She LOVED furniture and had A LOT of it.  I decided recently that I needed a storage piece for a room I'm working on, so I went "shopping" and found this hutch.

The hutch needed a lot of TLC before it could become beautiful again.  I had to reattach some molding that was about to fall off, and I had to fill in some holes and dents.  My dad reinforced a leg and a shelf for me.  After all that was done, it was time for the refinishing!  I spray painted this piece like I do pretty much every piece I refinish.  I'm not going to go through every single step to refinish this piece because everything I know about spray paint I learned from Brooke of All Things Thrifty.  She has a wonderful post on the best way to spray paint.  
After following Brooke's directions for spray painting, I distressed and glazed the piece.  (Brooke has a great post about glazing too!  There are even VIDEOS, y'all!!!)  After I glazed, I sealed with several coats of polycrylic.  And here she is...

But y'all know by now for me more is more.  So I  had to do a little something else to the piece before I was completely finished.  A while back, I saw a post from Pretty Handy Girl about how she backed some of her kitchen cabinets with fabric.  I knew when I saw her post that I was going to do this to SOMETHING, and my little hutch was the perfect piece!  I followed her directions of using foam board, fabric, and packing tape to create panels to pop in the back of the cabinet.  Once that was done, my piece was perfect.  Well, as perfect as anything I make ever is...

Here is one last look at the whole finished piece.
Isn't she a cutie now?!  I'm in love with this piece, and I can't wait to put it in the room I'm decorating now!  


  1. Congrats on making it to the top 5!! That hutch looks amazing! :)

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous. I can definitely believe you made the final with this. Massive, massive congratulations and go get 'em! Can't wait to see what you pull out of the bag for the final.

    Rosie xx

  3. Congrats to you! Such a beautiful piece. Wow! I, once again did NOT know this was your hutch...but I did vote for it! You know I'm rooting for you--all the way! You can do it, Bethany! Keep on crafting, girl!

  4. Way cute! And look at you making it to the top 5!! Congrats!

  5. And I'm doing a roundup of hutches/china cabinets...featuring you tomorrow!

  6. Congrats on advancing to the final round!!! You did a wonderful job on the hutch. Thanks for sharing on SweetTalkin' Sunday!

  7. I want it!!!! It's such a beautiful piece. You did a fabulous job!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

  8. Love it! It is very cute and I bet it looks great in the room.


  9. Hi I'm a new follower! I love your hutch, it is the size I wish mine was. Mine is very large and thus I will have to sell it. I want to repaint it before and you've inspired me to add some glazing to make the white a bit more special. Thanks for sharing. Hope you'll follow back and also would love for you to link to my Frugal Treasures Tuesday party going on through Sunday. : )

  10. Thank you for linking up this fabulous project!!!!
    I hope you will stop by tomorrow and link up another great project
    Claire xox

  11. Hi, Bethany

    This looks great. I love your new hutch.


  12. Your hutch is just gorgeous! Congrats on making it to the top five and I know you will enjoy the hutch in your new space.

  13. I just love that hutch - the houndstooth paper is really making it pop! They make such a great eyecatcher! Mine is bright blue and really old, so the distressed parts are real, but I wouldn't want it any other way! xo Anja @


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