Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love & Crafting

Happy Saturday!  I get so excited when Saturday rolls around because I actually have time to craft!  And my awesome husband doesn't mind if I craft all day long.  Yeah, he'll pick on me about it, but he really doesn't mind.  He is the best husband ever.  I know if you're married you think your husband is the best, but I'm sorry.  You're wrong!  

My husband is my best friend
He encourages me. 
He makes me see the good in life when I feel like I'm surrounded by the bad.
He's my protector.
He's my cheerleader.  (Don't tell him I called him a cheerleader!)
He makes me feel beautiful on days when I just feel ugly.
He makes me laugh when I want to cry.
And he makes me laugh when I'm trying to be furious at him.
He helps me remember to enjoy today without always looking towards tomorrow.
He reminds me to not get stressed when I want to pull out my hair.
He has taught me what true, unconditional, fully-trusting love is.
And for all these reasons, I am eternally grateful to him.

So in honor of my husband, I made a free printable to share with y'all.  I'm really new to the whole free printable thing, but I found some directions on the web.  I used Picnik to create something that I really love and think y'all will love too.  I signed up for a free file sharing account at so that I can share high quality files.  Here's the actual printable you can download.

I hope y'all like it as much as I do!  I can't wait to frame it and hang it in my house!  Print one and share it with the person that you love more than crafting.  If you're like me, there's not too many people that qualify for that! :)


  1. featured this today at my blog! it's fantastic!

  2. Love this printable! Thanx so much. ;)

  3. Hi, Bethany

    I really love the print. Really a sweet post.


  4. Thank you for sharing the cute print!!


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