Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dollar Store Basket Pumpkin Light

Fall is here.  At least I think it is....  I'm not sure with the weather we've been having where I live.  But anyway, I have been wanting to making something using only dollar store supplies for a while now.  All the times I've gone in the dollar store, nothing has inspired me--that is, until last week.
I saw two round baskets in the floral section and those little lights you put in Christmas houses in the Christmas section, and inspiration struck!  I purchased those, along with some silk fall leaves.  Krylon Pumpkin orange paint from Walmart was my final purchase.  (Too bad the dollar store doesn't sale Krylon because I would single-handedly keep mine in business!)
Disregard the yarn.  I didn't end up using it.
The first thing I did was cut a slit in the side of one of my baskets for the light to fit in.  I didn't leave the light in it because I had to spray it, but I made sure it fit.  I had some Kilz primer at home, so I sprayed the inside and outside of my baskets with it to make sure the regular spray paint would stay on it.  I also had some yellow Krylon spray at home, so I sprayed the inside of the baskets with it.
After both baskets were primed and the insides sprayed, I used some wire and pliers I had to wire the baskets together.
I threaded the wire through the edges of the baskets at four different points and twisted it to hold the baskets together.  Then I sprayed the basket contraption orange.  After it dried, I put the light in the hole I had previously made.
As anyone knows, a pumpkin has to have a stem.  I had some branches my sister used for wedding decor, so I cut a bunch of 2 1/2" pieces and glued them together.
I also used some floral wire I had to make vines.  I wrapped the wire around a marker to make the vines curly.
I hot glued all of that to the top of my orange baskets.  I glued a couple of the leaves I bought from the dollar store to the top too.  Then, voila, a pumpkin light!
 It looks good sitting around.
And it especially looks good all lit up!
The neat thing is that it cost me less than $5 to make.  (I didn't count the full price of the spray paint because I only used a little bit of it, and I didn't count the supplies I had on hand.)  I'd say that's a great price for a fun piece of seasonal decor! :)


  1. A basket to a pumpkin...what a creative idea!

  2. Very creative to see couple of baskets and turn them into a pumpkin!

  3. wow! that is exceptionally creative!! i pass by those all the time at the dollar tree! now i can pick some up next time! so cute!

  4. Oh my heck what a good idea! That was true vision right there it is sooo cute!

    jamie @ theletter4

  5. Featuring your project tomorrow...

    Girl, you just got a STICKER from me!

  6. Love this. Thank you for linking up to my All Things Spooky series! xoxo!

  7. Wow!! How creative is this?! I love it!! I'm sharing this on my crafty facebook page : )
    Jaimee @ craft-interrupted.blogspot.com

  8. What a great pumpkin! I've been in the dollar store, too, looking for inspiration, but unfortunately, I never found it. hehehe

  9. How great! Thanks for linking up to Things I've Done Thursday!


  10. Hi, Bethany

    I love this idea. It really came out great.


  11. Super cute and creative!!

    your new follower,
    Rachel :)

  12. Love this!! So fun and festive for the fall--great job. I hope you will come by and link up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.


  13. I think this is one of the most inventive things I've seen in a long time. I'd love to have you come over and link up to our Pumpkin Linky Party happening right now on our (my sister and my) blog. Hope you can make it because this would be an exciting addition. Thanks, Linda


  14. Very cute, and I love how you can light it up!

    Linking from Debbidoos,
    Ricki Jill

  15. I love this pumpkin tutorial! I have made some and I am posting about it today. I have put a link back to your post {and sharing a picture of yours), hope that's okay.

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