Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

   Happy Tuesday!  I had to run some errands today.  One of those errands involved dropping off some items at my local Hospice resale store.  My sister recently helped me declutter and organize my craft/computer room.  She helped me part with a lot of unnecessary items.  (She should get a medal for this because it's not an easy task.  You never know when you may need that empty shoe box for a craft....)
   Whenever I have items I no longer want that are in good shape, I take them to a local resale shop that benefits a good cause.  The Sunshine Shop benefiting Hospice is my favorite.  I dropped my bags off this morning and couldn't resist looking around.  And, of course, I found a few items to bring home with me.  Please don't tell my sister! ;)  Check out the REAL WOOD frames and shelf I scored!
One of them doesn't have glass and the backs of a couple of them are about to fall off, but, hey, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure!  They don't look like much now, but when I find items like these, I see the finished product in my head.  (And, boy, do they look great there!)
   Imagine all the frames and shelf painted a crisp white.  Or maybe painted all black.  Or maybe painted all robin's egg blue.  Or maybe a mixture of all those.  Imagine black and white photos in the frames.  Or coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper.  Maybe one of them could be a mini-chalkboard.  Check out what The Nester did with a collection of frames in her living room.
Image from TheNester.com
   The cool thing is that the most expensive item I bought was $2.00.  This little collection was $7.00 with 24% off.  (It had something to do with the fact that today is the twelfth, and they doubled that and gave me that percentage off.  I didn't question; I just enjoyed!)  So the group ended up costing $5.32.  Spray paint, pictures, and scrapbook paper are not expensive at all.  So I'll have a very pretty display for my wall (or maybe for that room I'm supposed to be working on for my mom) for next to nothing!
   So the moral of my story is check out thrift stores for unique, inexpensive finds.  If you haven't been to a thrift store before, you may feel a little weird at first.  But forget about that and dive in to find some great pieces that you can use some elbow grease and cheap supplies to make fabulous!!!
P.S.  I promise to show y'all the pictures of the finished grouping after I've pittered and glinked them! ;)

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