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Make Easy Hand Lettered Fall Wall Art with Free Cut File

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Hey, y'all!  I am so excited about today's post!  I am an ambassador for Expressions Vinyl, and they recently contacted me about being a part of a fun vinyl competition with a bunch of talented bloggers, so of course I jumped at the chance!  I knew about the contest way in advance, but in my usual style, I waited to the almost-last minute to create my project.  My main problem was that I struggled creating a hand-lettered design, only to realize after I finished it that I hated it.  After that waste of time, I realized that I had a hand-lettered design from last year that I made a printable with that would be PERFECT for some fall art.  So today I'm sharing my brand new Hand-Lettered Fall Wall Art, and because I always want y'all to be able to easily recreate my projects even if you have no hand-lettering skills, I'm giving you the free Silhouette cut file so that you can make your own!  And at the end of the post, I'm sharing the link where you can go to vote for your favorite vinyl project (hopefully mine) and enter a giveaway from Expressions Vinyl!
Hand Lettered Fall Art Free Cut File
Now I don't know if y'all have ever created art with vinyl before, but it is SO EASY.  All you need is a painted board, some vinyl, and a cutting machine, and you can have brand new art in no time!
Paint and Board for Fall Art

Step One

The first step to creating this fall art is selecting a board and painting it.  I found an unfinished planked wooden board at Walmart to use for my art, but you could make your own or you could buy a piece of plywood from Lowe's and have them cut it down to size for you.  Once you've selected your board, it doesn't hurt to sand it down with some fine grit (220) sandpaper to remove any rough spots.  Then simply paint it with the paint of your choice.  I had some leftover white paint from a furniture remodel, so I used it.
Distressing Paint with Sandpaper

Step Two

Once your board is painted and dry, distress it a bit with sandpaper.  To me, fall equals rustic, so distressed paint is a must!
Cover White Paint with Stain for Weathered Look

Step Three

To enhance the distressed look, use a soft cloth to rub a dark stain over the entire painted board.  The stain will soak into the sanded spots and will give the white paint a little bit of a worn look.
Free Hand Lettered Fall Poem Silhouette Cut File

Step Four

Download the FREE Hand-Lettered Fall Wall Art Silhouette cut file here.

UPDATE: Download the FREE Hand-Lettered Fall Wall Art SVG file here.

Just for the sake of transparency, I wanted to let you know that I hand lettered all the words but not the little accents.  Anyway once you have downloaded the cut file, open it in your Silhouette program.  Size the design to fit your board by simply clicking on the design and dragging the corner of it to make it smaller or larger.
Vinyl and the Silhouette Cameo

Step Five

Select a piece of vinyl to cut for your art.  I used Oracle 631, which is considered removable indoor vinyl, in the color Dark Grey.  I would normally use Oracle 651, which is considered outdoor permanent vinyl, to make art, but it is glossy, and I didn't want my design to be shiny.  If you want a permanent hold, I would suggest you use Oracle 651.
Cutting Vinyl with the Silhouette Cameo Machine Settings
Once you've selected the vinyl, load it into your machine and cut your design.  As far as machine settings go, I use the recommended Silhouette Cameo settings from Expressions Vinyl: Blade 2, Speed 7, Thickness 5.  But as always, you should do a test cut first to make sure that setting works for your blade and machine.
Weeding Vinyl

Step Six

Once your design is cut, weed the excess vinyl.  It's always helpful to use a weeding tool to make this process easier.
Applying Transfer Tape to a Vinyl Design

Step Seven

Using a vinyl application tool, cover your weeded design with transfer tape.  There are several different types of transfer tape you could use, so choose whichever you prefer.
Applying a vinyl design to a board using transfer tape

Applying a vinyl design to a board using a vinyl application tool

Step Eight

Use a sewing gauge and a vinyl application tool to apply your vinyl to your wood.  The easiest way to do this is to use the sewing gauge to center your design.  Then peel back a couple of inches of the paper on the back of your design and fold it over.  Adhere the exposed inches to the top of your wood.  Then place your vinyl application tool over the top of the transfer tape and slide it down as you pull back the rest of the paper underneath the design.  Once you've rubbed the design really well with the vinyl application tool, remove the transfer tape, and your art is complete!
Hand-Lettered Fall Wall Art DIY
I have to say that I'm really thrilled with the way my Hand Lettered Fall Art turned out.
easy-to-make Hand-Lettered Fall Wall Art
It looks really cute on my mantel!  I paired it with a couple of sparkly pumpkins from Walmart that cost less than a dollar each, some old books, and a vase of fresh fall-colored flowers.  Now all I need are the cooler temperatures that come with fall, and I'll be one happy girl!  Seriously, y'all, I need cooler weather.  I watched a high school football game Friday night and sweated so badly.  All I could think of was that football is supposed to be watched in the cold or at least in the cool!  But I digress...
Fall Wall Art Hand Lettered DIY Free Cut File
Now is where I REALLY need your help!!!  If you like my Hand-Lettered Fall Wall Art, would you pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top go vote for my project over on the Expressions Vinyl Blog?!  If you do, I'll love you forever!
Expressions Vinyl Vinyl Competition | Vote for your favorite!

Click here to vote.

There are SO. MANY. cute projects!!!  I have to be honest: I'd have a hard time deciding which one to vote for.   Don't forget when you head over to vote to enter the awesome giveaway too!
UPDATE: Voting is closed.
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  3. Thanks cute file. Have you though about using the cut as a stencil and painting on the words? May be a good alternative.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I have created signs where I used vinyl as a stencil, but simply applying a vinyl design is lots easier. :)

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    1. I found this board at my Walmart in the craft section near the craft paint. :)

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