Thursday, June 6, 2013

{My Karing Card for May}

Hey, y'all!  If you've been following my blog for a few months, then you know that I've been participating in the Karing Card Club.
The Karing Card Club is a fun little club hosted by the bloggers above.  Each month, participants sign up for the month's club and are paired with someone else.  Each participant sends a card to her partner, so everyone who participates gets happy mail!  :)  I love happy mail!
This month's theme was friendship, and I was so lucky to be paired with the lovely Jess from Spool & Spoon.
She sent me the prettiest card!
I love that Jess took the time to make me a card with my favorite colors: pink and glitter.  :)  And I think she has the PRETTIEST handwriting!  In return, I sent her this card.
I saw on Jess's blog that she is a huge fan of The Great Gatsby.  When I was paired with her, I had just seen the movie, and I was totally inspired by the jewelry and decor in the movie.  I decided I would make her an art deco inspired card, so I came up with the above design.  I also sent her a little something else.  Here's a little peek...
I'll be sharing that "something else" with y'all next week, so don't forget to stop by.
If you'd like to be a part of June's Karing Card Club, the month's theme is "Encouragement," and you can sign up {HERE}.  You don't have to be a blogger to participate, so go on and sign up to get some happy mail yourself.  :)


  1. Both cards are GORGEOUS Bethany! And her handwriting is so awesome! I swoon over good penmanship :) I'm weird like that...but I know you can relate since you're a teacher and all! Love ya!

  2. What fun! I have to agree, both cards are gorgeous. And, yes, her penmanship is impressive. I love your Great Gatsby inspired design.

  3. How cute! Jess is such a sweetheart, her card is great! And I have just admired your card on her blog =)

  4. Hi, Bethany

    Both cards are beautiful. I love any card that has glitter or bling. : ) Have a great summer vacation.


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