Thursday, May 9, 2013

{My Karing Card for April}

Hey, y'all!  I was part of the Karing Card Club in March.  (I blogged about it {HERE}.)  It was fun, so I decided to sign up again in April.  When you sign up for the club, you're paired with another person.  You send each other a card--handmade or store bought--that goes along with the month's theme.
I had to have surgery at the end of April, so I wasn't my usual super-crafty self when creating my card.  Also, I was on pain meds and a little groggy, so I didn't even remember to take pictures of the card until it was already sealed in the envelope.  To top it all off, I sent the card a little late.  Yeah, not my proudest blogger moment.  But the focal point of my card was this image--a photograph I took at my Aunt's house at Easter.
The theme for April was "Happiness," so I edited the picture with PicMonkey and added the phrase to it.  I put the picture on a blue background and added some washi tape and a flourish scrapbook embellishment.  It wasn't the best card I have ever made, but considering the circumstances around my making it, I don't think I did too terribly bad.  I sent the card to my Kare Club partner, Nikki from Flairy Tales.  (She has the cutest party blog, and she has lots of cool free printables!)  In return, she sent me the most gorgeous card ever, along with a banner!
She was so thoughtful in making the card because she used my blog colors and even added my blog logo to the banner.
The note she wrote inside was so very sweet!  She read on my blog that glitter makes me happy, so she added little glitter dots on the inside of the card.
I am seriously in love with this card and banner!  I can't thank Nikki enough for taking the time to make something so perfect for me!  If you want to participate in next month's Karing Card Club, you can sign up {HERE} by May 17th.  May's theme is friendship.  Everyone could use a new friend, right?  :)


  1. I love this idea Bethany. The banner and note are so precious. But I was concerned when I read about you being on pain meds. I'm just catching up on your blog. I hope you're feeling good now.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  2. Oh my gosh I want to be partnered up with her next time!!! :) LOVE the card and banner - so precious! I hope you both sign up again in May! :) XOXO

  3. Wow, this is just breath-taking. SO elegant. LOVE both the card and the banner! :D

  4. How stunning! I'm super excited because I just signed up last week for the May Karing Card. I cannot wait to find out who I am paired with :)

  5. Hi, Bethany

    I love it! What a great card. Hope you are feeling better.


  6. Hope your surgery went well. This card is precious! Love the Pitter and Glink banner!

  7. Ahhh Bethany ... this is such a sweet post. Thanks for the super-nice words about the card. And thanks again for the beautiful card you sent me. Your photography skills are amazing. I couldn't believe that after I took a photo of your photo it still just jumped off the page! So clear and sharp - wow! didn't mentioned that I was late too sending your card!!! We were the perfect partner match ;) nikki (

  8. Bethany, I love this card and the colors are terrific! I hope you are feeling better. Thank you for being a part of the Karing Card Club!


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