Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{Christmas Gift Guide at OTM}

If you're a blogger, you probably have a group of bloggy friends that supports you, and you, in turn, support them.  (If you're not a blogger, I'm sure you can still relate.)  One of my best bloggy friends is Kirsten from One Tough Mother.  She has been so supportive of me, my blog, and even my Etsy shop!

  She has created a Handmade Christmas Gift Guide for her readers.  Each day this week, she will be highlighting a handmade shop, along with items from the shop that would be great for gifting.  And, in true Kirsten fashion, she was sweet enough to include my shop in today's installment of her gift guide.  You can find the post {HERE}.  
I would love it if you would take a moment to check out the post and show Kirsten some love.  What she is doing for handmade businesses is really sweet!


  1. What a great post. Bloggers are so supportive and encouraging. I am glad you have found such a good friend and I can't wait to go check out her stuff.

  2. You are so right, she's a gem showcasing other's shops. That's one of things I enjoy so much about bloggers, the generosity and friendliness, helpfulness. Sure helps a person feel good about human nature.
    I enjoy your blog very much, will keep visiting as often as I receive a post. Happy Week


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