Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{Halfway Blog Angel Post}

This month, I have been participating in the Blog Angel Project--the brain child of Craftbotic and The Dreamy Meadow.


Signing up for the project meant that someone is secretly paired with me to be my Blog Angel, and I've been paired with someone to be her secret Blog Angel.  "What is a Blog Angel?" you may be thinking.  Overall, it just means that I secretly encourage, promote, and help out the person I'm paired with during the month of August. 

It's time for my halfway post.  I can't reveal who I'm Blog Angel for yet, but I can talk about my experience so far.  Rosie sent some questions to help me with my post, so I'm just going to do a Q&A.  

Q: How have you found the experience of helping out another blogger?

A: If I see a way to help out a fellow blogger--say through comments or promotion--I am quick to do that.  I am so thankful for the people who are constantly blessings to me and my blog that I try to be a blessing to other bloggers whenever possible.  That being said, I usually gravitate to and help out bloggers who are like me--craft or home decor bloggers.  I have been paired with someone who is not a craft or home decor blogger, so that has been interesting.

Q: Do you feel like you are making a difference?

A: Honestly?  Not really.  But that doesn't mean I'm not.  I've tried to discreetly leave blog comments and tweet about posts from the blogger, but I don't know that those have made a difference.  If nothing else, I hope my comments have been encouraging.

Q: How easy/difficult, fun/horrendous has it been in reality?

A: It hasn't been too difficult.  It's easy to leave a comment or tweet about a post.  I've wanted to do more, though, so I seriously have looked at this individual's blog several times in a day trying to think of something else to do that could bring a smile to the person's face.  It was fun to make little things to send to the blogger, though.  I love making things for people, and it was kind of neat that I was doing it secretly.

Q: What have you learned from taking part in Blog Angels so far?

A: I've learned that being a blessing to someone is really easy when it happens "spontaneously," but it's not so easy when it's something you're trying hard to do.  It's kind of like when you're trying your hardest to be inspired to make something, but the inspiration isn't there.  Then later, when you're not trying to be inspired, inspiration just hits out of nowhere.  Also, I've learned that I do gravitate toward bloggers like myself, so it's been a good experience to try to break out of my comfort zone.

If you would like to be a Blog Angel for someone, Rosie and Katlyn will being doing the project again in October.  You can sign up September 15th to be paired with someone for the October grouping.

Stay tuned for the end of the month when I can reveal who I've been a Blog Angel for.  :)



  1. What a great idea. I love that you took part in this, I have only just started hearing about it. I am sure you've made more of a difference than you realize. I can't wait to find out who you had :)

  2. Hello fellow blog angel! Happy Wednesday! :)

  3. I heard about Blog Angel the first month it started (June?) and wanted to sign up for the next month, but wasn't able to commit at the time. Then I forgot about it... But what I did do inspired by the Blog Angel thing, was to comment more, promote blogs I like, etc. I'm still not very good at it, but I do what I can, how I can do it. Thank you for being honest about your experience! Much of what you said are things that made me hesitate to sign up. Like you, if I'm "forced" to do something, I don't deliver as well. You don't need to necessarily be a Blog Angel to make someone's day! And I think it's normal to gravitate towards your own niche. There are SO MANY blogs out there, you cannot see them all, even within your very defined niche. I don't go out of my way to find blogs that are out of my niche, but if I find one I do really like then yeah I'll follow. Have a great day!

  4. I am really pleased that you were able to take part and even better that people are starting to hear about it. That's really thanks to great people like you being involved. It is interesting moving out of your comfort zone and I don't think helping someone needs to be revolutionary. I love comments and people who take the time to shout out for me.

    I hope you'll give round two a go; it's always good to have new experiences.

    Rosie x

  5. How fun! You would be the perfect Blog Angel! That is one lucky lady!


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