Friday, August 31, 2012

{Blog Angel Reveal Post}

Earlier in the month, I wrote about my experience as a blog angel.  I couldn't tell you who I was blog angel for, though.  So it's time for my...
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Are you dying to know?  Probably not.  But I'm going to tell you anyway.  :)  I was blog angel for Breenah.
She's the lady behind By Breenah.  She has a cutie-patootie little girl, and she blogs about fashion, being a mom, and just life in general.  She has a great sense of humor!  
My favorite post from her this month would probably have to be Quinn is (Almost) ONE!.  She posted month by month pictures of her daughter, and it was so neat to see how she changed from month to month.  I also loved her Q & A post with her husband.
As far as what I did for her during the month, I commented on her blog for a while until I thought she was possibly catching on.  I promoted her posts through my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  I made her a button for a series she does on her blog.
And I sent her a package in the mail that contained a few handmade gifts.
When I made the gifts, I tried to use colors that I thought she'd like based on posts she did on her blog.
 She actually posted pictures of the gifts in her halfway blog angel post.  I hope that the little things I did for her this month brought a smile to her face at least once.  We all need encouragement or a smile on a tough day!  
Speaking of that, on an afternoon after a tough day at school, I came home to a package.  It was from MY blog angel!  I got lots of crafting goodies that I can't wait to use.  That package made my day so much better!
So as you can see, the Blog Angel Project is a great way to get and give encouragement!  If you are interested in becoming a blog angel, check out Craftbotic.  The sign up for the next cycle is soon!  And if you get a moment, go say hello to Breenah.  :)


  1. You were an awesome blog angel :D

  2. Breenah is lovely and so are you! I can't believe how gorgeous that package is. Glad you liked your gifts too. Thank you for doing the smaller blog angel things too. I really hope you'll want to take part in October and continue to make great connections in the blogging community.

    (Also, super cute button!)

    Rosie xx


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